Drama On The Diamond

Too many words about one kickball game. Man, what a kickball game last night! It was a highly emotional game as we traveled to the school where S. and her entire family attended grade and middle school, OL.1 St. P’s was 0-3 and badly wanted to put a whole game together. They had tended to […]

Joys Of Parenting -or- Serenity Now

Way, way back I wrote, rather brilliantly I think, that being the parent of a two-year-old is a constant reminder that you are an utter failure. Those little beasts are just constantly challenging you, and often by the end of the day, you’re at your wits’ ends and barely clinging to your sanity. The bad […]

Q1 Albums

We’re nearly a third of the way through the year. There’s already been some great music. Since my year-end focus is always on singles, I thought I would use this opportunity to share some of my favorite albums of the first four months of the year. I’ll try to repeat this again in the fall. […]

Too Much Blue

Trees are budding out, lawns are greening up, mowers are being pulled out, allergies are popping up, and I’ve already got the first sunburn of the year. Spring, at long last, has truly sprung.1 Which brings the annual wardrobe reevaluation, pitching aside shirts that have survived a couple of summers and are worse for the […]

When Logic Gets Cast Aside

Most of us have thought, at some point, that we could sway someone with different political views to our side if we just presented them with cold, hard facts showing that our view was correct. Turns out even when the numbers support your argument, you are unlikely to change the opinion of someone from the […]

Disney Notes

C., L., and I were at Target yesterday wasting time during M.’s kickball practice. The girls were looking through the toy aisles and came to a large, empty section that should have held all the toys related to Frozen. There were a couple Baby Anna dolls, but the rest of the area was barren. C. […]

A Night About Nothing

This is so great in so many ways. The Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team will be hosting a Seinfeld night on July 5, the 25th anniversary of the “Seinfeld Chronicles,” the original name for “Seinfeld.” They’ve put some thought into this. Activities will include: MCU Park will known as Vandelay Industries Park for one […]

Brave New Worlds

Three large pieces of news. Well, maybe not to everyone. But enough to justify a new post. First, C., after nearly a year of being close, decided she was ready to ride a bike without training wheels over the weekend. Twice last summer she was on the verge of staying on two wheels full-time, but […]


The name Zander Hollander may not mean much to the majority of my readers. But for some of us, mostly men who grew up in the late 70s and early 80s loving sports, he played a huge role in our formative years as sports fans. Mr. Hollander, who was the creative force behind the Complete […]

The Walkman

Another quick one before the weekend begins. A couple sites have linked to this modern, design-based review of the Sony Walkman. It focuses on form rather than function, but is still interesting to read/look at. Like the iPod, the Walkman isn’t truly the first of its kind. There was a cassette player before it called […]