Friday Vid

“Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” – Sophie B. Hawkins A guilty pleasure of mine, this was released in 1991 but charted in the summer of 1992, one of the greatest music summers ever1. It’s long been in my iTunes library, but I can’t recall ever watching the video until recently. It’s really something […]

Back In The Day

I recently began following Chris Jaffe on Twitter. His claim to fame is that each day he tweets out a bunch of reasons why that date is significant. For example, here’s what his feed looked like this morning. Anyway, a couple weeks back I noticed he mentioned that the Rolling Stones album Steel Wheels had […]

Reporter’s Notebook

At last it was back out into the field Friday night as high school football season began here in Indiana. I caught a pretty nice assignment, following a top 10 5A team up north to Lafayette. The stadium was the nicest high school stadium I’ve ever been in. I had to take a damn elevator […]

Scorebook Update

The girls did fine without me Friday, coming back to beat a tough team 22-11. The coaches prepped them for the game by telling them it would be “like playing fifth graders.” Such is the reputation of the St. S’s kickball program. I was back on the scorebook tonight. Another win. Again the mercy rule […]

⦿ Friday Links

Before large capacity hard drives became relatively cheap and easy to obtain, lots of government agencies, corporations, and regular folks put important archival data onto CDs, thinking they would be safe forever because they were digital. Oops. Turns out CDs don’t hold their data in perpetuity. Worse, there’s no real way to predict how long […]

Friday Vid(s)

“Under The Pressure” – The War On Drugs We’re approaching the final third of the year, and no album has yet challenged TWOD’s Lost In The Dream as my favorite of the year. This artsy, psychedelic video matches the mood of the nine minute album-opener nicely. As a bonus, here is TWOD performing another track […]

SNL At 40

Somewhat odd timing, but Grantland kicked off SNL At 40 week today.1 There are already a couple solid articles posted, and day one of the bracket to pick the greatest cast member ever is up. I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy the rest of the series. This, along with the passing of Don […]

I Don’t Like Where This Is Headed

I’ll preface this by reminding you I tend to get a little superstitious about sports. Despite being aware of the Colts’ epic comeback against the Chiefs in January, I refused to turn the game back on. My turning it off had something to do with the change, right? I watch KU games from the same […]

Some Kid Stuff

After that two day, mini-week to begin the school year, we’re diving right in this week. Five full days of school. An athletic event every afternoon or evening. In the next five days we have two kickball practices, two kickball games, and one soccer practice. We could add another event, too, as we’re still waiting […]