Game Day

We’ve been waiting on this day since October 28, 1985, the day after the last Kansas City Royals post-season game. On that morning, I went off to school, two months into my freshman year of high school. There was a buzz in the air from the Royals winning the World Series the night before. We […]

Starting Over Again

Twenty years ago I developed a theory about sports. This theory stated that sports teams, or the coaches and administrators that lead them, can sell their souls to the devil in exchange for short-term success. I came up with this theory after Missouri went 14-0 in Big 8 play in 1994. While they had some […]

⦿ Friday Links

First up, an important announcement. This Saturday NBC will begin showing old Saturday Night Lives at 10:00 PM Eastern, 90 minutes before the regular broadcast. This week’s episode will be the legendary show when Richard Pryor hosted in 1975. The episodes will be edited down to fit the one-hour time block before your late local […]

Friday Vid

“Duel” – Swervedriver I spent 30 minutes or so yesterday watching a bunch of bad videos from the early-to-mid 1990s. And I mean bad in every way. They were poorly produced in their original form and had been uploaded to Youtube in terrible quality. Good songs, horrible videos. This popped up as I was working […]

Love And Hate And Love Again: Me And The Royals

It goes back to 1978, I believe. Football was the first sport I discovered, but baseball followed soon after. We lived in southeast Missouri at the time, in the heart of Cardinals country. But on a trip to Kansas City that summer, my uncles and the boyfriend of one of my cousins introduced me to […]

They’re Stealing!

My favorite dumb sports controversy of the weekend was Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder whining about Auburn allegedly stealing K-State’s offensive signals during their game on Thursday. What an ass. (K-State fans, please note, I think any coach in any sport whining about their opponent stealing signs is stupid. If it was Charlie Weis […]


Our girls have a stupid new game that is driving us crazy. It all began back in late July, early August. We went to the mall one Sunday to try on new shoes for the school year. With all the local schools set to begin, the mall was packed. I spent most of the time […]

⦿ Friday Links

A bevy of links this week. Rolling Stone gets it wrong a lot. But it’s good to see that there are enough Gen Xers on the staff these days to proclaim 1984 as the best year for pop music ever. Have fun reading through their top 100 singles for the year. Man, was Prince on […]

Friday Vid “Public Enemy No. 1” – Public Enemy Holy crap! Always the best live act in hip hop, Public Enemy can still throw down nearly thirty years after releasing their first album. As I watched this, especially the closing moments when Jimmy Fallon comes on stage, I thought back to where the music and TV […]

Girls Games

And now for some girls sporting notes. M. ended her kickball season last night. Her team got another big win (45-11 after trailing 9-4 to begin the second inning) to end their season at 6-1. Unfortunately, that was not enough to make the championship tournament. Only the four division winners go into the tournament. And […]