Friday Vid

“Broken Hearted Savior” – Big Head Todd & The Monsters 1. Not Halloween music, but the band is called The Monsters so it will have to do. 2. Big Head Todd at Red Rocks? No pot was smoked that night. 3. Their drummer is wacky. 4. I’ve been putting together a list of albums you […]

R’s: The End

I was nine years old when the Royals made their first World Series. We had moved to Kansas City less than three months earlier. Just three weeks earlier my parents interrupted me listening to a Royals-Mariners game to tell me that they were getting a divorce. I was dealing with a lot of shit, as […]

R’s: Game Seven

I don’t think I’m getting much done today. It’s not yet 9:00 am as I write this and my hands are already jittery, my stomach an unsettled mess, and overall anxiety level is too high for this early. Game Seven is supposed to be one of the best phrases in sports. But it’s doing a […]

R’s: How Quickly The Tide Can Turn

The ebbs and flows of the baseball postseason can be tough. Between the long series, travel days, the breaks between innings, and the gaps between pitches and at-bats, there is so much time for the emotion of the situation to ferment, turning into something more potent than reality. For example, after Friday night’s Royals win, […]

⦿ Sunday Links

You know the drill. Watching lots of baseball, reading lots about baseball, not many links to share, etc. etc. etc. Thus, it’s kind of a requirement that I kick things off with an article about the crowd at Kauffman Stadium. You’ve read my thoughts on this. It’s nice that a national voice, who was actually […]

Friday Vid

“Oh Sheila” – Ready For The World I’m sticking with this 1985 thing for another week. A week after hitting #1, this was #4 this week in October 1985. There’s a lot to discuss. Prince’s influence is all over this. So much so that even now people think he wrote the song.[1] While the band […]

All Even

Twenty-four hours can make a huge difference in the mood of a sports fan. Wednesday morning I think most of us Royals were down. Not because the Royals dropped game one to the Giants. I bet a lot of us figured it would be a tough task to beat Madison Bumgarner. But James Shields getting […]

Here We Go

Well, here we go. The series that was never supposed to happen is about to begin. The Royals will play for the World Series championship over the next four-to-seven games. Wildest dreams, Cinderella story, “…tears in his eyes, I guess…”, etc., etc. I’ve read a couple posts already this morning that spoke of how surreal […]

⦿ Sunday Links

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been a little off my game the last couple weeks. This crazy Royals run has messed with my internal rhythms. Not that I’m complaining. But this past week I’d say three-quarters of the stuff I read was about them and their run. So not much to choose from. Of all […]

Friday Vid

“Take On Me” – a-ha One of the most memorable videos ever, no? Also the song that was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts exactly 29 years ago. You know, the last time the Royals were in the World Series.