⦿ Friday Links, Part 2

Part two of the big link catch-up project. First, a profile of Lego. I had no idea the company nearly went under just over a decade ago. Jonathan Ringen explores the history of the company and how it first dig a hole, then made a series of tremendous decisions that have left it one of […]

⦿ Friday Links, Part 1

Terrible. That’s how I would describe my blogging performance over the past week. I not only failed to share links last week, I kept putting it off and putting it off when I had chances to post them. So here I am with at least ten sharable links. Some pruning is clearly in order. But […]

Friday Vid

“The Frug” – Rilo Kiley I’m not a regular viewer of Austin City Limits, but last week, when Ryan Adams and Jenny Lewis split the episode, I definitely set the DVR. Lewis threw in a couple tracks from her first band, Rilo Kiley. This was not one of those selections, but I’ve always loved it […]

Big Game Forty Nine

Karma is a bitch. No where is that more true than in sports. Example: In the 2013 Sweet 16 in Arlington, Texas, KU guard Elijah Johnson decided to cheap shot Michigan forward Mitch McGary in the sack early in the game. Anyone watching the game knew the Hoops Gods would exact revenge. They teased us, […]

Morning Laughs

Deserving of a post independent of other links, here is the annual Super Bowl edition of Breaking Madden. As always, it is awesome. Especially the closing video. I OPEN UP MY WALLET AND IT’S FULL OF BLOOD

Purple Greatness

A combo piece this morning, taking one entry from my up-coming review of January books and combining it with the movie on which it focused. Let’s Go Crazy – Alan Light I shared the excerpt from this a few weeks back, and the book finally hit the library two weeks ago. I snatched it up […]

Friday Vid (Plus Song)

“Purple Rain” – Martin Sexton Earlier this week, I ripped through Alan Light’s Let’s Go Crazy, his book about the making of Purple Rain, both the movie and album. When I returned it to the library, I picked up the DVD of the movie, which I will be watching at some point this weekend. So, […]


Some kid notes We’ve had a rash of lost teeth lately. L. lost three in just under two weeks, and is currently missing all four corner teeth. And then M. lost a tooth just before bedtime Wednesday. As I’ve related before, my Tooth Fairy game is off its peak of a few years back. One […]

Make It Stop

My usual early morning routine is something like this: Get the girls up, get them breakfast, and then get them on the path to getting ready for school. When I reach the point where they are getting dressed, I start running through Twitter to see if I missed anything overnight. Well, last night I apparently […]

Gut Punch vs. Embarrassment

Which is the worst way to end a season? In an utterly crushing, heart-breaking manner, losing a game that seemed convincingly won, and in which any of a series of singular, seemingly simple, plays over the final minutes would have been the final nail in the coffin of the eventual winners? Or to be completely […]