⦿ Friday Links

To kick off the week’s links, one that I did not find until last Sunday, but would have been better suited for last week’s edition. Early 1980’s SNL cast member Gary Kroeger shared his observations from the anniversary reunion/broadcast. It’s really awesome. I love his interaction with the Mannings and his son’s reaction to meeting […]

Friday Vid

“Pedestrian At Best” – Courtney Barnett In terms of music, it’s been a slow start to the year. Some solid songs, but there has yet to be a great album. Each Tuesday I check the new releases, hoping for something exciting and amazing that I want to listen to on repeat for days. But each […]

Small School Benefits

M.’s volleyball team wrapped up their season over the past few days. Sunday, they played the only other undefeated team in their division. St. P’s won the first game easily, then struggled in the second and lost their first game of the year. I was running the scoreboard and both I and the mom next […]

Sick Day Reading

I have a sick kid at home with me today. And since this article seems worthy of a share independent of the Friday links, this is a perfect time to do so. There was a lot of buzz about this article, in which Graeme Wood goes into great detail about the Islamic State, last week. […]

⦿ Friday Links

Man, do I love Chipotle. I would eat there all the time if I didn’t know, in the back of my mind, that my 43-year-old metabolism isn’t built to process that much food that often. I have enough trouble getting through the holidays and winter without gaining 10 lbs. as it is. After reading this […]

Friday Vid

http://youtu.be/_oG1KMeZcuE “Turn Me Up” – Twin Shadow I’ve listened to a little of Twin Shadow’s music over the years. There’s a growing buzz for his next album, which will come out in March. Based on this performance on Letterman, and a quick listen to the three tracks available on Rdio, I’m really looking forward to […]

Exceptionally Hot Sports Takes

At last check, the wind chill was still –12. That’s at about 1:30 pm on February 19. Stupid. So the perfect time for some ultra hot sports takes. Like any Midwesterner worth his salt, I despise the endless hype for the Duke-North Carolina rivalry. But, holy crap, was last night’s game fantastic. I switched by […]

SNL 40

I would imagine a few of my loyal readers, who share my pop culture obsessions, pulled the site up the last couple days anticipating a break down of the SNL 40 special. My apologies for the delay. I was unable to watch live, and basketball viewing obligations got in the way Monday. But I was […]

On The Courts

Long weekends suck. At least when the weather is crappy and you have nowhere to go. St. P’s annually stretches out President’s Day weekend to build some snow make-up days in the schedule before spring break. Since we’ve had no snow days this year, we’ve been lucky enough to have a five-day weekend. When the […]

⦿ Friday Links

Two basketball giants died this week. So, obviously, I have some links related to them, plus one about another fading giant of the sport. To begin, two different views of Dean Smith. The first is a profile on Smith by Gary Smith for Inside Sports magazine from 1982. Or just before he won his first […]