Clearing Out The Notebook

A few quick, random thoughts to share. Why do you have to verify that you are at least 21 years old before you access the website of a brewery? It’s not like you can pour a free sample out of your monitor once you put in your birthdate. And there’s no age requirement to watch […]

The Other Two

C. got her own sports post last week. The sisters deserve updates, too. We’re in the last week of kickball season. Baring a miracle finish (and collapse by another team), M.’s team will not make the tournament. They’re currently 5–1, but that one L was a 27–2 loss to a team they face again in […]

Friday Vid

“Street Fighting Man” – The Rolling Stones In honor of Yordano Ventura and the 2015 Kansas City Royals, who are apparently going to get into some kind of altercation with every team they play this season.

Summer 2015 Cap

Lost in the early baseball season rush, I’ve forgotten to share something very important with you: my summer 2015 cap choice. Frankly, I’m a little surprised I haven’t received angry emails demanding I reveal my pick. Allow me to rectify. I found myself in a bit of a quandary this year. Last year’s cap is […]

Game Balls

I haven’t kept many mementos from my childhood sports days. There are a few stats sheets and participation patches hidden away in a box in the basement. But all my trophies were tossed out long ago. Nor are there any old uniforms or hats crammed into a cedar chest somewhere as reminders of my pre-high […]

R’s: Stuff And Nonsense

In the bad old days, I would think the Royals were cursed. How else to explain getting off to a hot start – they’re currently tied for the second-best record in the bigs – yet still looking up at Detroit? The baseball gods hate the Royals, right? But these aren’t the bad old days. This […]

A Quick Note

Yep, some changes to the site’s look over the weekend. I was unhappy with one little thing, which ended up costing me about two hours of research and messing around to adjust it. The result was just installing a new theme for the site. I’m happy with it. For now, of course. But if you’re […]

⦿ Monday Links

Again links are shared on Monday this week. But for a great reason. I had to get through the incredible oral history of the making of Airplane! before I could post. I’m pretty sure that Airplane! was the first grown-up movie I was ever allowed to see at a theater. And aside from the adult […]

Friday Vid(s)

Two classic Crowded House appearances from Letterman’s show this week. “Now We’re Getting Somewhere” Performed in 1987. Album one, side one, track three. In the heart of one of the all-time great opening stretches of any debut album. “Locked Out” From 1994. Most famous for its inclusion on the Reality Bites soundtrack. Funny to see […]

Spring Sports

Several years back, as we were chasing likely just two toddlers around the yard, one set of our neighbors told us to enjoy those days. Because, they said, it wouldn’t be too long before our lives became this, and the husband pointed from our driveway, to the street, back to the driveway, back to the […]