Friday Vid

“False Hope” – Laura Marling If the year ended today, this would be in my top 10 for songs of the year. Possibly top 5.

⦿ Mid-Week Links

A week or so behind, and a lot of long reads to share. Thus I’m going to split the offerings into two posts. The longer articles will be listed below. The rest will be shared tomorrow or Friday. First, Maciej Ceglowski wraps up his tales of traveling through the New Madrid earthquake zone. Confronting New […]

Johnny Friggin’ Cueto!

Holy shit! Normally this time of year, Royals fans are begging general manager Dayton Moore to sell off the team’s most valuable free-agent-to-be to bring in more prospects for the future. Two years ago, it was Ervin Santana. The Royals kept him and went on a tear through August and September that saw them fall […]


Eleven years ago Saturday, we welcomed our first daughter into our family. Which is totally an amazeballs thing to say. Eleven freaking years. Seriously? How in the hell did that happen? M. celebrated in a very M. way: stretching it out and keeping as much attention on herself as possible. Now that’s not exactly fair. […]

Friday Vid

“Cuts You Up” – Peter Murphy When seminal Goth band Bauhaus broke up in the early 80s, its members went two ways. Daniel Ash, David J, and Keith Haskins went mainstream with their new band Love and Rockets. But former lead singer Peter Murphy continued to make darker music that, while not pure Goth, certainly […]

Summer Notes

Some catch up on general summer notes. Monday was our annual trip to the 4H fair where the girls’ cousin shows pigs every year. As usual, they had fun walking through the buildings and viewing the pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and rabbits. No poultry this year because of the avian flu thing and the horses […]

Storm Follow Up

Turns out we did have some storm damage after all. We arrived at the LVS Saturday, ready to greet 12 friends for 26-ish hours of fun, and our power was still performing erratically. Some circuits worked, some did not. Those that worked seemed to be humming along at half-voltage. The fridge was running, but not […]

Storm Induced Stress

As I mentioned in my camping/All Star game post, the girls and I had to make a trip Thursday morning. It was a trip that began with a tremendous amount of stress and worry but ended up being only mildly annoying. We headed down to the LVS. Not to boat or swim. Or even meet […]

Friday Vid(s)

A couple more Song of the Summer contenders this week. “Dreams”- Beck Whooo boy! I’ve never been a huge Beck fan but this song grabbed me the first time I heard it and refuses to let go. And in typical Beck fashion, it’s just quirky enough to make it stand out. In the absence of […]

Curveball -or- A Break In Tradition

Normally this time of year, I’m sharing my thoughts on the MLB All Star game. In fact, it’s kind of a tradition. You can look it up in the archives, even! This year I was really looking forward to the All Star game, what with Royals fans highjacking the voting and sending four starters and […]