⦿ Friday Links

Another music-heavy list this week. Including the promised articles about the 40th anniversary of Born To Run. Rolling Stone shared the full transcript of an interview they did with Springsteen 10 years ago for the 30th anniversary of BTR. Of course, the mythology of the album is that his career may have been over had […]

Friday Vid

“She’s The One” – Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band Born To Run turned 40 this week. You may have read something about that somewhere.[1] The song “Born To Run” is one I remember from way back in, likely, it’s earliest days. It wasn’t a song for me, or about my life. But it […]

A Bit Of A Photog

Without those pesky kids around during the day, I can finally knock out a few longer posts that I’ve been sitting on for months. First, a post I know Billy is looking forward to: a summary of my adventures with my new camera. To reset, I purchased an Olympus OM-D EM–10 back in May. It […]

A Periodic Site Housekeeping Update

Perhaps you’ve noticed, if you’ve dipped into the site’s archives in recent weeks, but I’ve been working on another clean-up project around here. I wrapped it all up this morning. A couple years back I stopped putting pictures of the girls on the site. Well, at least ones where you can clearly identify them. The […]

⦿ Friday Links

Well, the first full week of school is wrapping up. There was some more grumpiness in the mornings as the week progressed. But mostly things have gone well. We’re already super busy in the evenings. And I’ve had a nice, lazy week around the house, thus the dearth of posts. But I’ve still saved some […]

Friday Vid(s)

“Clampdown” – The Clash “Johnny Appleseed” – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Joe Strummer would have been 63 today. Here are two songs that sum up the second and third phases of his career about as well as any. “Clampdown” is an absolute blowtorch of a song. It is roughly four minutes of righteous fury; […]

End Of Summer Catch Up

  A very busy couple of weeks. I thought I was alone in trying to cram 857 activities into the finals days of summer break, but it sounds like that’s par for the course for the modern parent. Glad I was not alone. We hit approximately 83 different parks over the final two weeks of […]

Friday Vid

“Queen of Peace / Long and Lost” – Florence + The Machine WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS NUDITY A very artsy, very long video for one of the best tracks on Florence Welch’s latest album. Not sure I get the visuals,[1] but the opening song is fantastic. And rumor has it the segment for “Long and Lost” […]

R’s: Crazy Times

(Note: I wrote this last night while watching the Royals play Detroit. The R’s were up 4–2, Edinson Volquez was cruising along, and a sweep of the Tigers seemed imminent. Then an infield single, a walk, and another infield single to open the top of the 8th launched a 4-run Tigers rally that helped them […]

First Day

This morning, the alarm went off at 6:20. I roused the girls about 10 minutes later, they shuffled down for breakfast, then back up to get dressed. We cut tags off of new pairs of shorts, found skirts that fit correctly, and laced up new shoes so they were nice and tight. Snacks and lunches […]