Thanksgiving Wrap Up

The first Monday after Thanksgiving, aka The First Day of the Longest Month of the Year. If you’re a kid, that is. M. has already said several times she wishes we could skip straight to Christmas and get this nonsense in-between holidays out of the way. I’m perfectly fine with four long weeks filled with […]

The Most Wonderful Link Of The Year

I should have shared this earlier, as it kicks off on November 1 each year and includes Thanksgiving shows. But my annual link to this page listing all the holiday shows. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is on tonight! Christmas TV Schedule Check daily and set your DVRs accordingly.

More Of The Old This ‘n’ That

The holiday season is officially here! Which you know gets my juices going. It was weird to be sitting in Arizona last weekend, switching around TV channels while S. was in her conference session, and coming across a Christmas cookie show while it was pushing 80 outside. I spent one year in northern California – […]

Friday Vid(s)

“Tunnel Of Love” and “Brilliant Disguise” – Bruce Springsteen A prominent music writer noted during the flood of articles about Born To Run’s 40th anniversary earlier this year that he couldn’t wait for Springsteen’s 1987 album Tunnel of Love to get the same treatment. He was kind of kidding, but also kind of serious. To […]

Back To The Court

I don’t know if I’m ready for college basketball to begin. People who have known me for many, many years should re-read that statement. Because, once upon a time, my sports life was a big countdown to the next KU game, to the next recruiting deadline, to the day when practice could begin in the […]

Weekend In The Sun

We had a relatively fantastic weekend. I say relatively because that only applies if you enjoy fall weekends in warm locales sans children. After years of talking about it, S. finally signed up for a medical conference outside of Indianapolis. A few years back we were on the verge of signing up to spend a […]

Links Part 2: Everything Else

Now for non-Royals links. I’ve been sitting on some of these for nearly a month. I hope they’re still worth it! First, something brand new. Actor/comedian Aziz Ansari wrote in the New York Times about many issues surrounding minorities in TV and movies. It is funny and surprisingly great. Aziz Ansari on Acting, Race and […]

Links Part 1: R’s

So, so, so far behind on sharing links. So I’ll break them into two sets. We’ll begin with articles related to YOUR WORLD CHAMPION KANSAS CITY ROYALS! A rather significant sports journalism event took place during the baseball playoffs: ESPN shut down the wonderful Grantland sports/pop-culture site. Many took that as a sign that there […]

October Books

Despite all the baseball last month, I still managed to get through four books. One of which inspired me to read two other of my October selections. For those keeping score at home, I began November with 44 books read for the year so far. Night Soldiers – Alan Furst You may recall I read […]

Weekend Wrap-Up

I’m going to try to get back in a regular schedule of posting now that baseball is over. Although S. and I are heading out-of-town Thursday, which is yet another impediment to those plans. I’ll try my best! Let’s begin with an old style weekend round up! It was odd not to have a stressful […]