Pre-Spring Break Notes

Note: I began this Thursday morning but failed to post it. Please excuse my use of what appears to be the incorrect tense. Spring break is almost here. Today is the girls’ last day of school before vacation. I have a full day of laundry, errands, and packing ahead of me. So a few quick […]

‘Ville Wrap Up

To wrap up my Louisville weekend review, some notes about what else I did down there in my brief visit. My KC homie E$ flew into Indy Friday and we headed south around lunchtime Saturday. He had been to the ‘Ville many times so had a solid plan for how to spend our pregame hours. […]

User Error

This post-Louisville entry centers on one particular moment of my visit, and explains why I missed the first four minutes of the game on Saturday. I took my fancy camera to the ‘Ville. I got a few decent pictures with it, but each time we made a pit stop, I questioned whether I should leave […]

Not Quite Elite Enough

So yeah, the purpose of my weekend visit to Louisville ended up sucking quite a bit. That didn’t mean the whole weekend was a bust, though. There are quite a few stories to share, so I think I’ll split this up into two or even three posts to keep it manageable/readable. Let’s start with the […]

A Very Sweet Day

Sweet 16 day has arrived! I woke up with a little nervousness, but with a bigger feeling of excitement. As I always say, this is the best week of the tournament, and it is much easier for your mind to contemplate bigger scenarios when there are a maximum of four games left in your favorite […]

Street Photography 101

Last week C marched in the Indianapolis St. Patrick’s Day parade, as is custom for third graders at St. P’s. It was a fabulous day, especially compared to when M marched two years ago. It was bright and sunny, in the mid–50s when the parade began, and eased into the low 60s by the time […]

First Weekend Madness

Some first weekend of the NCAA tournament! There are no great surprises as we glance at the sixteen teams still standing. When Gonzaga and Syracuse are the lowest seeds still playing, you can’t really call them Cinderellas. But there was a lot of fun in getting to this point. First, my Jayhawks. A nearly perfect […]

Let’s Go!!!!

You know, for all this talk about how wide open this year is, I find myself agreeing with all the folks who are not going out on any limbs in picking their Final Four. I think a lot of that can be explained away rather easily: while there were no dominant teams in November, December, […]

On Witches and Wizards

For several years I’ve been trying to get M to read the Harry Potter series. She loves reading to begin with, and is especially fond of lengthy series, so it seemed like a perfect match. However, each time I recommended the books to her, she said she wasn’t interested. I would point out other kids […]

Tourney Time

Yep, I’m frightened. Sure, there’s the normal fright that comes this time of year when you support a school that has been a top-four seed for nearly two decades and has a number of early flameouts over that span. There’s the hand-wringing that fans of every school go through when they begin breaking down the […]