(Near) Brush With Celebrity

I’ll run through a whole spring sports roundup next week. But one quick, funny story worth sharing now. Wednesday L had soccer practice and C had a softball game at the same time, at the same complex. I dropped C off at her diamond, walked L over to her field, and then returned to the […]

Favorite Frightened Rabbit Lyrics

I’m already getting pre-show nerves for the Frightened Rabbit show tomorrow night. I first heard the band on June 20, 2008[1] and pretty much since then they’ve held the title as my Favorite Current Band[2]. I’ve seen them on TV a few times, listened to a few streamed shows, but this will be the first […]

Purple Links

Man, were there some great Prince-related articles over the past week. Here are some of my favorites. Joe Posnanski used Prince’s death as an excuse to look back on his epic Super Bowl halftime show. Although the Colts won that night, my biggest memories of the evening are Prince’s performance and how cold it was […]

Album Review: Painting Of A Panic Attack

We all thought that I might change as I got older “Wish I Was Sober” – Frightened Rabbit Every band that survives its lean, early days and captures some measure of public attention and success must grapple with the challenges of how to keep the magic going as they move into their musical middle age. […]

I’ve always secretly made fun of those folks who get all emotional when a public figure dies. No matter what effect their work had on your life, I didn’t understand how an actor or singer or whoever dying would cause you to show public grief. I think I understand those people a little more today. […]

Damn It All

I was minutes away from posting an album review when the news about Prince dying hit. What a terrible day. I admired Bowie, but he was hardly vital to me growing up. When he died I wondered what aging rocker death would have the biggest impact on me. It would be sad when McCartney and […]

The Force Is Strong With This One

Finally. L finally got to watch The Force Awakens Sunday. I believe that she thought it was worth the wait. We had a pretty busy weekend, so I was worried we would have trouble squeezing it in. But we popped it into the player after breakfast yesterday and were able to knock it out before […]

⦿ Friday Links

This story has gotten a lot of attention over the past couple days, so odds are many of you have already read it. But it’s worth sharing, if only because it proves what we learned in Finding Nemo: all drains lead to the sea. Octopus slips out of aquarium tank, crawls across floor, escapes down […]

March Books

I’m getting a little behind on my reading. I did knock out four books last night – that includes a photography book not listed below – but we’re halfway into April and I’m only halfway through my current book, with about 300 pages to go. Spring break, kid sports, watching baseball most evenings, and a […]

Silly Season Begins

Our spring sports season begins today. M and C both have their first kickball games, while L has a soccer practice. All at the same time. At three different locations. This is my life on Wednesdays for the next month. C is also playing softball, so there are a couple nights where she has both […]