Weekend Notes

We had a very solid, if slightly less hectic than usual, Memorial Day weekend. L and I kicked it off Friday with her class field trip to [Conner Prairie]. This is the one field trip I’ve done with all three girls. As always, it was a lot of fun. The forecast has us worried we […]

⦿ Wednesday Links

I can’t seem to sit down and knock out a couple of the ideas I have for longer posts. I have a few projects around the house. I spend some time each day on my sports coordinator activities. And, let’s face it, I’m an epically lazy person; I can put shit off with the best […]

I Will Never Understand People

They’re the worst. Two stories of awful people I’ve encountered recently. A couple weeks back I was at the grocery store. I rounded one aisle and turned into the next. A woman – probably 45–50ish – was looking at some items on the shelf. She had her cart parked so that the entire aisle was […]

Friday Playlist

Finally back to mixed media. Our Spotify playlist features some fine tunes for your listening pleasure and our vid is a (very) old-school jam that is sure to brighten your day.   “Save Me” – Fernando. A pretty fabulous rootsy track from the Argentina-born, Portland-based artist. REM alum Peter Buck helped out on his latest […]

Spring Sports

You know what you all need? You all need a damned spring sports update, that’s what you need! Kickball This was our first season with two kickballers. Which made for all kinds of scheduling fun, believe me. Fortunately, thanks to having friends on both teams, the girls always got to all of their games, even […]


Well, well, well, we now have two double-digit kids in the house! C turns the big 1–0 today. A birthday divisible by five means you get a big party in our family, and C cashed that in on Saturday. She had five friends over for the requisite pizza, cupcakes, and then a very special spa […]

The Twelfth Man

I had a very busy Friday; I left the house with the girls in the morning and didn’t return until after school. Then I had to dive right into the yard work as C’s birthday party was Saturday and we had a softball game plus bad weather to work around. So apologies for not sharing […]

April Books

Yikes, I forgot to share my April books. Which is kind of understandable, as it was just a two-book month. A beast followed by a palate cleanser. My Struggle, Book 2: A Man In Love – Karl Ove Knausgaard. My feelings about this mirror my feelings about Book 1: I keep wondering why I’m enjoying […]

LVS Weekend #1

Last weekend was a very important one on the family calendar: the opening of the Local Vacation Spot (LVS for you newbies) and the putting-in of the boat. These weekends are often good for a laugh or two, as S and I bump up against our many limitations in mechanical knowledge and ability. I’m happy […]

Stop Trying

Ok, I think the Internet is officially done. Someone has created the perfect website. There’s no need to try anything else, because this one simply cannot be topped. How Music Taste Evolved