Friday Playlist

As promised last week, a video and playlist of older songs I’ve heard on SiriusXM over the past 15 days or so. “Bye Bye Love” – The Cars. I heard this song a week or so ago on one of the SiriusXM throwback stations. As I listened, and considered it’s greatness, I thought about how […]

School Daze

Our academic year is off to a decent start. The girls got their mid-quarter progress reports a couple weeks back, and all three are doing well. C has really taken to fourth grade, which is when the teachers at St. P’s begin pushing students to be self-motivated for getting their work done. Unlike the K–3 […]

The Fanboy

Friday night was fun. Perhaps it didn’t live up to every expectation I had for the evening, but my philosophy for the night was I would not complain about anything that involved a free concert by my favorite band within almost throwing distance of my house. There was a quibble here and there, but overall […]

Just Once

Music post #2 for the day. Consequence of Sound released their list of the top 100 one-hit-wonders of all time earlier this week. It’s a lot of fun. All music lists are ripe for being picked apart for any number of reasons. I think one-hit-wonder lists are especially troublesome. You can argue for hours about […]

Winning & Friday Vid

It’s a big music day around here. I had a nice Friday Playlist ready to go – mostly built on older songs this week – but I’ve decided to hold that off until next week so I can focus on a couple other music-related things to share. That’s right, Kansas has a new album out […]

Splat and Drat

It was not to be. M’s kickball team got routed in the city championship game yesterday, 27–1 in five-plus innings.[1] Their opponents were just too good in every aspect of the game. St. B’s had a 5–0 lead after one, 10–1 after two, and 13–1 after three. Although the margin wasn’t great at that point, […]

Go Time

Game day! In about nine hours we’ll have a new sixth grade city champion in kickball, and M’s team just might be that team. It’s a perfect day for kickball, too! It’s going to be hot and clear, which is ideal for heating the asphalt to well over 100° – so everyone – players, coaches, […]

Leaf Changin’ Time, Fools!

Awwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah! It’s leaf-changing season, ya’ll! That’s right, the time of year when your gutters are constantly overflowing with dead leaves and seed pods and your yard needs to be raked/mowed every 45 minutes so your lawn, which is still trying to recover from the summer, doesn’t get smothered before the winter. It’s also the […]

Fall Sports Roundup

The countdown continues for the big kickball game Wednesday. Other things distracted me a bit over the weekend, but I imagine the nerves are going to start to kick in again later today. The distractions were good ones, though. First, C had her best ever finish in her cross country meet Saturday. She finished 16th […]

Friday Playlist

“Hard Girls” – KT Tunstall. Tunstall has been a little uneven over her past couple records. Her new album has not received great reviews, but the good songs are a return to the smart pop sound that was the core of her breakthrough. “Buffalo Stance” – Neneh Cherry. One of the great one-hit-wonders of all […]