Hoops: Don’t Hate

It wasn’t that long ago that I abandoned my Friday Links posts. I promised to share interesting links individually, hoping that I wouldn’t get so backed up with things to share and also post a little more often. I’ve kind of screwed that up. I need to rethink my workflow, obviously, because I keep forgetting […]

Thanksgiving 2016

A mostly-good Thanksgiving weekend here. Hope you had a fine weekend as well. Our actual holiday went off quite well. We were not hosting this year, so only had to provide a couple dishes. I was doing the mashed potatoes and used a different recipe than I’ve used in the past. It became a little […]

A 30 Year Tradition

I realized a few weeks back that this year is the 30th anniversary of my all-time favorite TV episode, Cheer’s “Thanksgiving Orphans,” which first aired on November 27, 1986. I taped the show that night and held onto that tape for years. Somewhere along the way the tape either gave out or I lost it. […]


Saturday evening we were on our way to dinner and my phone kept chirping, notifying me of incoming text messages. A couple college friends and I had been texting about random life stuff before we left home, and that thread continued as we drove. My wife asked, “Is your team playing?” Usually if I’m getting […]

Friday Playlist

“Blank Tapes” – From Indian Lakes. This song sounds like it could have landed on Bombay Bicycle Club’s most excellent, 2011 album A Different Kind of Fix. Remember when a pack of blank tapes was a must-purchase item on any trip to the mall? “Video Child” – Many Voices Speak. A melancholy song for melancholy […]

FRANK & The Jayhawks

Well, it’s been some start to the new college basketball season for the mighty Kansas Jayhawks. A highly enjoyable and entertaining overtime loss to Indiana in Hawaii on Friday night, and a less enjoying but equally thrilling last-shot win against #1 Duke in New York late last night. Even as an Indiana resident, if KU […]

October Books

I’m woefully behind on sharing my most recent reads. As that has been my habit, I’m thinking about changing how I do my book summaries. I may go back to doing an individual post for each book. I’m getting ready to dive into the Harry Potter series, so doing the individual book posts may have […]

Last Week Wrap Up

Some week, last week. Not my favorite of the year, I’ll admit. But, to be fair, not the worst, either. Perspective. Monday got off to a fun start when C threw up in her bed at 3:00 AM. Just when you think you’ve changed pukey sheets in the middle of the night for the last […]

Friday Vid

“Carry On Wayward Son” – Kansas. Musician John Roderick Tweeted out a link to this video a couple nights ago, wondering how he had never seen it before. I had the same reaction. How on earth have I never witnessed the beauty and majesty of this performance in my 45 years on this planet?[1] The […]

The Most Wonderful Link Of The Year!

A little early? Sure. But since over half of the nation could use a pick-me-up, I decided to go ahead and share this. Christmas TV Schedule New this year, he highlights what big, traditional shows are debuting each day. Helpful for making sure you don’t miss a show that is on just a handful of […]