Playing Hooky

When we first became parents, we set some limits on ourselves that we thought would benefit our kids. These rules were based on observations of other parents, both adopting elements of parenting we admired and rejecting those we thought were inappropriate. One rule was that we would never take our kids out of school for […]


Sunday sucked. Not because of the weather. For the second-straight day it was in the 60s here, although it was a more dreary day than Saturday. No complaints there. Not because anyone in the family was sick. We are all reasonably healthy. Not because of L’s basketball game. Although we lost by 2, it was […]

Friday Playlist (Updated)

Everything is different today. Things that had been in place for years are suddenly changed, awkward, and troublesome. Yep, you guessed it: M got braces put on yesterday. Or at least her top brackets. She was alternately excited and anxious. I think it’s weird that kids these days often look forward to getting braces. I […]

Something Is Missing

Well, here we are in the middle of January, and once again the Kansas Jayhawks are putting together an excellent season of college basketball play. Some things just never seem to change. Except something is different this year. No, not Bill Self’s four-guard offense he’s had to install due to a lack of quality big […]

Winter Sports, Vol 1

An early winter sports update, starting with L’s second year of basketball. She is playing in the pre-CYO league run at her future high school by the girls coach there. I’m coaching her team again this year. This time around I have eight girls – four second graders, four first graders – all from St. […]

Playoff Sunday

A nice, long weekend was exactly what we needed just four days after the girls went back to school. That was an intense four days! I kid. I’m fully supportive of the MLK Day holiday. It just feels oddly timed after our late holiday break. And our girls are going to miss a few days […]

Friday Playlist

“Emotions and Math” – Margaret Glaspy. I really enjoyed Glaspy’s album this song serves as the title track for. But I lost it in the haze of the end of last year. I was reminded of this track, and then the album, when my brother in music Erick$ included this song in a playlist of […]

Reader’s Notebook

First two books of the new year. The Association of Small Bombs – Karan Mahajan This is a complicated, if very good, novel. Beginning with a fictional terrorist bomb that explodes in a Delhi market in 1996, it follows the explosion’s effects on those it touched. That includes the men responsible for the attack, the […]

Late But Great

The girls did just fine. There was some grumpiness, but nothing unusual. The kitchen did seem quiet, as I was pouring bowls of cereal and warming toaster waffles for the first time without Christmas music since November. I need to find some good morning music. I think the quiet kitchen puts everyone on edge. The […]

NFL Playoff Picks

I wouldn’t be half-assing it correctly if I failed to offer up some half-assed NFL playoff predictions. But, first, a few words about the Colts. WTF?!?! How on earth do you bring back the GM and head coach who have produced an uninspired, incomplete team that misses the playoffs in the weakest division in football […]