Friday Photo

Onward, Upward Fuji X-T2 18mm at f/5.6, 1/600 sec, ISO 200 Where/when do I take the pictures I share here and on Instagram? Most weeks I will devote part of one day to taking a long photo walk. Sometimes I’ll go to an urban area to shoot architecture and people, other days I’ll pick a […]

Friday Playlist

Some really good, brand new music to share this week. “Shine On Me” – Dan Auerbach. The lead single off the Black Keys’ vocalist’s second solo album sounds like Beck channeling George Harrison. Which means it’s fabulous as hell, and perfect for spring and early summer. “Silver” – Waxahatchee. Katie Crutchfield has written some great […]

What If The Beatles Had Said Yes?

Last week was a guest editor week at Kottke. Tim Carmody took over and devoted the week to looking back at where and how the web has evolved over the past decade-plus, and revisiting some of the site’s readers’ favorite parts of the classic web. On Thursday Carmody posted a piece called The Web is […]

Weekend Wrap

I remember when Mondays used to be my blog catch up day. That’s when I’d drop a buncha words on ya’ll about what had gone down in our house, and with our family, over the previous 72 hours. But Mondays have, strangely, become my busiest day of the week. Time just seems to fly by […]

Bonus Video

“Starfish and Coffee” – Prince A year ago I was watching this video – one of the few Prince videos available on YouTube at the time – in tears. Still can’t believe he’s gone, especially as we learned about how troubled his final days/years were. I’ve read a couple retrospective pieces about Prince today, and […]

Friday Photo

This or That, Fujifilm X-T2, Fujinon XF35mm f/2 lens at f/4.0, 1/1400 sec, ISO 200 I took a walk last week at Holliday Park, which is a big, gorgeous, old park wedged in between a few historic neighborhoods on Indy’s northside. It has a huge playground, some cool trails down to the White River, and […]

Friday Playlist

It’s a throwback day around our house today. I’m watching one of my 11-month old nephews for the day. It feels like 2005, 2007, or 2009. So I thought for the Spotify portion of the Friday tunes, I’d pull three songs from those years when I was spending each day with my 11-month-olds. There’s some […]

Words With Kids

We’ve reached the point in our parenting lives where the annoying moments begin to pretty closely balance the delightful moments. Our girls are all good, but they’re also getting older and hitting natural stages where they become more challenging, whether they’re good kids or not. We had a couple truly delightful moments over the past […]

Friday Playlist

“Dull” – Microwave. Thus crunchy, grungy track sounds a lot like something Manchester Orchestra might have done when they were sussing out their more dramatic sound. “New” – Family Friends. A strong, mid-90s vibe alt-rock radio vibe here. “Stars” – Hum. If I’m sharing songs with one-syllable titles and Clinton-era overtones, I might as well […]

Reader’s Notebook, 4/13/17

Book catch-up time. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini. As I mentioned in my last Reader’s Notebook post, somehow I never read this book. I know my wife read it. In fact, I bet there’s a copy tucked away somewhere around our house. Several friends read it and raved. I know it was on my […]