Friday Playlist

A mix of old and new this week. “The Others” – The Jezabels. The proverbial “Between Albums" single from this very fine Aussie group. The song is very fine, too. “Continental Breakfast” – Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile. There are plenty of one-off duets. Not so common are two artists coming together to make an […]

R’s: Requiem

It’s over. Sure, there are five games left in the 2017 season, but the run for the championship core of the Royals is officially finished. Although the standings kept showing them just out of the Wild Card spots, they’ve effectively been done for about a month. But it became official Tuesday when Minnesota beat Cleveland […]

Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Duuuuuuuuude! What a freaking couple of days for college basketball! And we haven’t even started fall practice yet, let alone any games that matter. A couple hours ago one of the 20 greatest coaches in the history of the game got fired. (Correction: he’s officially been placed on leave, although apparently his contract calls for […]

Kid and Cougar

Steven Hyden has to be one of the three or four writers I’ve linked to most over the years. I think he’s the best music writer going these days, and have followed him across Pitchfork, the AV Club, Grantland, and now Uproxx. I appreciate both his musical sensibilities and his writing style. I’d say eight […]

Hot, Sweaty Weekend

Our September heatwave continues. This weekend would have been a great weekend to sneak in a weekend at the lake. Naturally we had sports both days, so had to just stand/sit and roast in the heat. It was a doubleheader weekend for L in soccer. Her team played at 4:00 Saturday, which was probably the […]

Friday Vid

Just a video today, as we have a variety of contractors in-and-out of the house today. “I Melt With You” – Modern English. Fall begins just after 4:00 today here in Indy. So of course we’re in the midst of the hottest, driest stretch of the year. Cross country practice was cancelled last night and […]

Is There Anybody Out There? Anybody At All?

Well this checks a few boxes for me. General 80s nostalgia 80s pop culture and political sub-categories Nuclear obliteration And Kansas City/Kansas references Yep, The Day After was a pretty big deal. And, perhaps, as relevant today as it has been for nearly 30 years. The Day After traumatized a generation with the horrors of […]

More Kid Sports

Kickball is done. As you should recall from last week, L’s team had to finish a game that was mysteriously cut short by their opponents, then play that team again in a full game. Sweep the game and they would go onto the City championship. A split meant a tie-breaker playoff game to settle matters. […]

Friday Playlist

“Plimsoul Punks” – Alvvays. Man, this song is just so good. Power, jangle pop with just a hint of shoegaze in the background. Perfect. “Strangers Kiss” – Alex Cameron and Angel Olsen. Something about this song feels straight out of 1981. “Rained On” – Frightened Rabbit. A surprise three-song EP dropped today from my co-favorite […]