Friday Vid

Just a video today, as we have a variety of contractors in-and-out of the house today. “I Melt With You” – Modern English. Fall begins just after 4:00 today here in Indy. So of course we’re in the midst of the hottest, driest stretch of the year. Cross country practice was cancelled last night and […]

Is There Anybody Out There? Anybody At All?

Well this checks a few boxes for me. General 80s nostalgia 80s pop culture and political sub-categories Nuclear obliteration And Kansas City/Kansas references Yep, The Day After was a pretty big deal. And, perhaps, as relevant today as it has been for nearly 30 years. The Day After traumatized a generation with the horrors of […]

More Kid Sports

Kickball is done. As you should recall from last week, L’s team had to finish a game that was mysteriously cut short by their opponents, then play that team again in a full game. Sweep the game and they would go onto the City championship. A split meant a tie-breaker playoff game to settle matters. […]

Friday Playlist

“Plimsoul Punks” – Alvvays. Man, this song is just so good. Power, jangle pop with just a hint of shoegaze in the background. Perfect. “Strangers Kiss” – Alex Cameron and Angel Olsen. Something about this song feels straight out of 1981. “Rained On” – Frightened Rabbit. A surprise three-song EP dropped today from my co-favorite […]

Big Ol’ Sports Notebook

I had hoped to wrap up the kickball regular season today. But Irma’s remnants turned yesterday into a drizzly mess, and our biggest game of the year was postponed. More on that in a bit. M ended her season last week. Her team finished up 5–1 and claimed second place in their division. Just that […]

Looking Back

I wrote this yesterday, but forgot to post it before heading out for an afternoon of kickball. I believe M is coming home with an assignment tonight to ask S and I what our memories of September 11, 2001 are. Her social studies teacher wrote her memories of that day on her whiteboard and shared […]

Friday Playlist

A very special playlist this week. I don’t listen to a ton of 70s music – there’s some OG punk and very early new wave that sneaks in, along with a pinch of classic rock – as I generally skew towards 80s music when listening to the old stuff. But my love of music came […]

Professional Football Prognostication

Oh boy. Football season is here. “Do I detect a certain ‘Meh’ in that statement?” many of you might ask. I will confirm, there is plenty of ‘Meh’ in that statement. For a variety of reasons, I get a little more disengaged from the NFL every year. Likely the biggest factor is how L plays […]

Summer’s End

The last real weekend of the summer is in the books. And, if you judge only by how tired I was last night, it was a good one. Fortunately by nearly every other measure it was indeed a fine way to wrap up the summer. It’s become a tradition that our KC friends the Belfords […]