Game Five

No where does recency bias rear its ugly head more than in sports. Whatever game we just watched always drowns out the games of the past. That acknowledged, last night’s/this morning’s game five of the World Series is surely one of the most entertaining games in the history of the game. I did not watch […]

Friday Playlist

“Wolf Lie Down” – The Fresh & Onlys. Man, I hate bands that hold their music back from streaming services. This song was released as a single back in June but F&O didn’t allow it to stream until recently. This kicks ass and is a perfect summer song. Oh well, at least we get to […]

World Series So Far

It’s been a pretty good World Series through two games. Rather than offering up random notes, I thought I’d share the four most interesting things about the series so far. 1) Game one checking in at 2:28 was perhaps the greatest thing in sports this year. Seriously, I watched an entire World Series game – […]

Feeling Autumnal

In an unreal upset, it appears that fall is finally here. Over the weekend the afternoon highs were still bumping up against 80, the sun was shining, and there was a lovely southern breeze. It felt more like the first week of September than mid-October. Which I was cool with. As much as I like […]

A Weekend Without Kid Sports

For the first time since way back in August we had no kid sports this weekend. That meant I got to fully immerse myself in televised sports. There was plenty of baseball, soccer, basketball, and football on our TV, along with a bonus dose of college basketball on my Twitter and email feeds. Some words […]

Reader’s Notebook + Friday Playlist

A slightly different format this week. All because I took the girls to the library yesterday, as I always try to do on the first day of a school break. I want them loaded up with books and videos for even just a long weekend so that there’s no complaining about not having anything to […]

Reader’s Notebook, 10/19/17

The Outlaw Album – Daniel Woodrell It had been awhile since I read a Woodrell book, so I glanced at the library’s offerings and grabbed this. I didn’t know it was a short story collection and may have skipped it had I known. In fact, calling it a short story collection might be giving it […]

Weekend Notes

A quick (and late) rundown on our weekend. Which had a little cray-cray in it. Saturday was a freaking perfect day. Low 80s, breezy. One of those mid-October days that you wish you could hang onto for the next five months. So of course we spent it blowing leaves at the lake house and then […]

Good Information To Have

Men are idiots. I say that with shame as a man, and with fear as a father. I’m honestly not sure why people are shocked and surprised about the Harvey Weinstein news. We should be disgusted and horrified, but surprised? Hell naw. His years of sexual harassment and abuse of women going public is kind […]

Friday Playlist

“Dark On Us” – Lucas Oswald. A Shearwater member’s solo effort. Not too shabby. “Offa My Hands” – Jessica Lea Mayfield. Mayfield’s new album, Sorry Is Gone, is focused on an abusive relationship she recently escaped. She left the relationship with a broken shoulder following a physical encounter. Heavy stuff. And while the lyrics of […]