KU Hoops: 8s and 4s

Some week. We’ve had a stomach bug run through the house. There’s been plenty of middle-of-the-night puking and I’ve had a sick kid home three different days. As I mentioned yesterday, the weather has been strange, careening between February snows and April showers. We are hosting our family Easter celebration on Saturday, so in between […]

Friday Vid

“Devil Inside” – INXS. Only a video this week. I have plenty of music backed up I could share, but I also have a very busy day lined up in preparation for our family Easter celebration tomorrow. The girls also get out of school early today and we’re watching one of my nephews after that, […]

R’s: Opening Day

In the past week we’ve had more snow combined that we had received all winter. Four inches fell last Thursday followed by over six inches Saturday.[1] In each case the snow melted quickly. Thursday it was all gone before the girls got home from school. Saturday’s snow was almost completely gone by Sunday evening. Now […]

Reaching for the Stars, Vol. 5

Chart Week: March 8, 1986 Song: “Kyrie” – Mr. Mister Chart Position: #1, 12th week on the chart, second week at #1. One of my favorite things to do when I hear old music is consider artists who had really brief, but really amazing runs. “Did so-and-so have the best year ever?” I’ll ask myself […]

Reader’s Notebook, 3/27/18

It’s pouring rain outside, I have a sick kid on the couch, so today seems like a good day to get caught up on books. Round Ireland with a Fridge – Tony Hawks. This was a timely read, found at the library on a shelf of books pulled in advance of the St. Patrick’s Day […]

KU Hoops: Final Four, Fools!

It’s a little after 11:00 Sunday night as I begin this post. I just watched the replay of today’s Midwest Regional final, or at least the last five or so minutes of regulation plus overtime, on the CBS Sports Network.[1] I’ve been texting, emailing, and reading coverage of that game since it wrapped up in […]

Still Ballin’

An Elite 8 with two Kansas teams in it is enough to earn a very rare Saturday post. Mark down the date, folks, because these don’t happen very often! First off, the important stuff: the Jayhawks are in the Elite 8 for the third-straight season, the second time in school history they have done that […]

Friday Photo

I haven’t done this for months, which is odd because I’m always taking pictures. This strange weather week seems liked a good time to get back at it. Until Wednesday we had received just under 10” of snow all season. Wednesday morning we got 4”, all of which melted by about 3:00 in the afternoon. […]

Friday Playlist

Jack White’s new album arrived this morning. I’ve listened to it once so far and am not terribly enthused by it. So I won’t share any songs from it in today’s playlist but will offer this link to a fine piece by Steven Hyden about the album and a connection between White and another legendary […]

NCAA Tournament, Predictions

Since my bracket is allllllll messed up, I might as well re-pick the field based on who is left. Either that or finish the Reader’s Notebook post that has been languishing for a few days. To the games it is, then! South Region No. 11 Loyola-Chicago vs. No. 7 Nevada. I’ve only caught bits of […]