Reader’s Notebook: 4/30/18

The City of Mirrors – Justin Cronin This was my spring break book, the final in Cronin’s super virus/vampire trilogy. In this book, thought it took him a long time to get going, offering a lot of background in the first half or so. Some of the background, that which centered on the life of […]

Friday Playlist

“Breath In, Breath Out” – Melody’s Echo Chamber. Such good news that Melody Prochet is returning this summer after suffering serious injuries in an accident last year. Her new album was all recorded and set for release before her accident but was delayed pending her recovery. Glad that she is back. “AZ” – Now, Now. […]

College Hoops: KU and Condi

I suppose I’ll finally take my head out of the sand, hold my breath, and write about KU’s name coming up in the most recent FBI indictments related to shoe companies, college hoops, and recruiting. Over spring break I was only mildly tuned in to news of any kind. At the end of the day, […]

The Bare Minimum

Lazy ass. That’s what I’ve been. Well, to be fair to myself, we do have a couple potentially large projects in the planning stages that have dominated my attention of late. Should they proceed, I shall share them here at a future date. But I’ve also just been lazy. Freaking weak-ass weather isn’t helping either. […]

Friday Playlist

A week away means there’s a glut of music to share, so I’ll expand this a little bit this week. Oh, and there’s an absolute monster track that appeared last night that will wrap this up. “Cali” – Ride. Ride’s comeback album, Weather Diaries, was released nearly a year ago now. At the time I […]

Some Links

It’s been a weird week, trying to get back in the swing of things after our vacation. The weather hasn’t helped, with the cold mornings robbing me of motivation to do much of anything. I have a couple posts mentally prepared but just can’t sit down long enough to bash them out. So I guess […]

Some Catch Up

I’ve finally made my way through my RSS reader, which collected over 1800 articles while we were gone. In that glut, I found a few items that can very loosely be connected, as all are about one kind of loss or another. First, Lindsey Buckingham announced he was leaving Fleetwood Mac again. I had to […]

Una Semana en Mexico

We left cold, snowy Indiana for a week in the warmth and sun of Mexico. It was, almost completely, an excellent trip. Our home for the week was the Paradisus La Esmerelda resort in Playa del Carmen, about 45 minutes south of Cancun. Our flight down was without incident, we navigated the hour-long line that […]

Friday Notes

It’s been a busy week around these parts. First, crazy ass weather. Sunday night/Monday morning we had our fourth snowstorm in the past two weeks. This time we got somewhere between 3–4” of snow. We received almost as much snow in those two weeks than we had gotten all of this winter before then and […]

Friday Playlist

“Twisted Highway” – Erika Wennerstrom. While her excellent band Heartless Bastards takes a break, Wennerstrom decided to record a solo album on a whim. If this, the first single, is any indication, there will be no loss of quality compared to her work with HB.  “Gauntlet in the Sun” – Ricky Lewis. I feel like […]