(Early) Friday Vids

I’m posting this a little early as Friday is a big day for the Mrs. and I: We are flying to New York City, the first visit there for both of us, believe it or not. Officially this is our annual trip to one of her conferences. But we will be spending most of the […]

Reader’s Notebook, 8/30/18

Man, how did I get so behind on these? Well, part of it is that my reading pace has remained slow in recent weeks. It doesn’t help that I have a stack of golf instructional books that are stealing time away from my proper reading stack. I’ll quickly run through some recent books. Notes from […]

Trust the Process

Finally a day of calm. After about two weeks of constant activity by contractors, we have wrapped up whatever phase of the Fill the House cycle we are in. The latest projects were building a work station for S and adding a large, built-in to our main office. That involved custom cabinetry, some serious painting, […]

On McCain And Myth

I never voted for John McCain – I guess I had three chances if you count primaries, although I would not have voted in the primaries he ran in – but like a lot of folks who tend to vote Democratic, I long admired the man. For me it went back to reading Michael Lewis’ […]

Fall Sports Kick Off

Opening day of fall sports, which is always both exciting and stress inducing. I have to admit, it is nice only having to worry about two kickball schedules this season. And somehow we lucked out and have no nights with two games. We do have three different stretches with three games in three nights, so […]

Reaching for the Stars, Vol. 12

Chart Week: August 18, 1984 Song: “We’re Not Gonna Take It” – Twisted Sister Chart Position: #39, 4th week on the chart. Peaked at #21 for two weeks in September. In between contractor visits last week, which have caused a move of my computer gear onto the dining room table temporarily, I was trying to […]

The New Year

Our summer of change, 2018, is officially over. The girls went back to school today. M begins her final year at St. P’s as an 8th grader,[1] C in 6th, L in 4th. The last time all three girls will ever be in the same school building. I think they were relatively excited to go […]

The Golfs

I remember hating how much my stepdad and other guys his age loved Jack Nicklaus winning the 1986 Masters. I couldn’t believe they wanted some washed-up, has-been like Jack to win instead of the brash, exciting, much younger Greg Norman. If my stepdad was still around, he would have been laughing at me yesterday as […]

Reaching for the Stars, Vol. 11

Chart Week: August 5, 1989 Song: “18 and Life” – Skid Row Chart Position: #32, 5th week on the chart. Peaked at #4 the week of September 23. These late 80s countdowns are not my favorites. By 1987 my tastes were drifting away from mainstream, Top 40-style music. Emphasis on the word drifting, because I […]

Settling In

Another pretty busy weekend in the books and now we’re suddenly just over a week from school starting. Yikes! C went to King’s Island amusement park with a friend on Friday. L had two birthday parties over the weekend. M had two friends over Sunday night. We took them all to Top Golf, they slept […]