On SNL Legends

A couple links related to two of the greatest SNL talents of all time. Last week the Washington Post published this feature on Chevy Chase. There aren’t really any surprises in it for anyone who has followed his career. At age 74, you wonder how many more disappointing pieces about him are left to write. […]

Back on That Tiger Crack

Another busy weekend with the kids. L had soccer both days – one win, one tie, four goals, two assists – M babysat for 8 hours Saturday and cheered on Sunday, and C ran on Sunday, getting 8th place with her strongest run of the year. Thus I missed a lot of what was broadcast […]

Friday Vids

A couple of vids for this week. As promised, one is from the 1985 countdown that played on SiriusXM last week. “Do You Want Crying” – Katrina and the Waves One of the areas of music esoterica I pride myself in mastering is knowing minor hits by bands that are widely considered One-Hit Wonders. “Well, […]

Reaching for the Stars, Vol. 13

Chart Week: September 7, 1985 Songs: “We Don’t Need Another Hero” – Tina Turner “Power of Love” – Huey Lewis & The News “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” – John Pass Chart Positions: Numbers three through one. This edition is a little meta. It’s not about the songs I’ve selected, or even the original […]

Mo’ Kid Sports

Our kickball seasons came to an official end last night. A season that began with back-to-back rainouts at the same school ended with back-to-back make-up games at that school in 90-degree heat. Not the best bookends. C’s season wrapped up Friday in pretty glorious fashion. Every girl was locked in and they cruised to a […]

Reader’s Notebook, 9/17/18

A couple NYC trip books. The Secret of Golf – Joe Posnanski Joe has moved to a Patreon model for his online writing. As much as I love him, I feel like I’m already subscribed to about a dozen content services that I’m paying for each month, so I have not become a supporter of […]

Friday Playlist

Today is our 60 day warranty inspection, so I’ve got folks through the house. Thus, just a quick playlist for this week. “Missing U” – Robyn. It’s always good to have new Robyn jams. “Poison” – David Nance Group. Some good, old fashioned, dirty rock ’n’ roll from Omaha, NE. “Christmas Down Under” – Phosphorescent. […]

Kid Sports

Once again, that bitch Mother Nature has been playing havoc with our family sports schedule. I’ve lost track of how many practices, games, and other events have been wiped out over the past month. Seriously, it didn’t rain here for like six weeks, then, as soon as fall practices started, we began getting multiple downpours […]

Weekend O’ Football

It was a full weekend of football for at least some parts of our family this weekend. Here’s a breakdown. Friday was a big local high school game. Cathedral, where our girls will go, was playing their biggest Catholic school rival, Bishop Chatard. BC has the most state titles in Indiana history. Cathedral is second. […]

Music Reads for Rainy Weekend Days

A few very good music links to share. Apologies as a couple of these are slightly out-of-date with the change in seasons. Good reads regardless. First, investigative journalism at its finest. Taylor Swift and Bryan Adams’ Duet of “Summer of ’69” Reopens One of Music’s Great Historical Mysteries: Is This Song About the Sex Position? […]