Friday Playlist

“You’re Trying Too Hard” – Nightjacket. I feel like I definitely have a sound for 2019 so far: Female vocals over what is mostly indie pop with some hints of other genres mixed in. This band fits right in it, blending some dream pop and shoegaze into their pop stew. “Who You Are” – Mannequin Pussy. […]

One Down…

On August 16, 2010 we began a new chapter in our family life: we sent M off to St. P’s for her first day of kindergarten. Today, we close the book on her life there. Today is the last day for her eighth grade class. This afternoon they will clear out their lockers, pack up […]

Belated Holiday Wrap

A quick holiday weekend wrap up. It was a strange Memorial Day weekend. For the first time since 2013 we were not at the lake. As the weekend got closer, it kept feeling very strange not to automatically have plans and to not have people asking us, “You going to the lake this weekend?” As […]


St. P’s fourth graders always make an overnight trip to CYO camp in the spring. Given L’s troubles with sleeping over at other people’s homes – she’s had one successful sleepover ever and shown no interest in trying again after her most recent meltdown last summer – I knew I would have to go along […]

Friday Vid

“Summertime” – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Apologies for the lateness; I spent the last two days with L down at CYO camp and just got home a little after 3:00 today. But it is Memorial Day weekend, so let’s kick off the summer of 2019 with the greatest summer song of all […]

Anatomy of an Obsession

Over the years I’ve had plenty of obsessions that dominate my attention and time. Sometimes it was a person – sorry to all the girls I was a little weird about back in the day. Sometimes it was a band – there’s a long list of artists that I got way into and would listen […]

Reader’s Notebook, 5/21/19

Oh snap, somehow I’ve gone over a month without an RN entry. I’ll blow through my last four books to get caught up. The Sisters Brothers – Patrick DeWitt This is a tremendous and lovely tale of two West Coast gunmen – brothers Charlie and Eli Sisters – who prowl Oregon and California for a […]

Friday Vid

“Beautiful Stranger” – DMA’s covering Madonna. Just a video today. We had a huge, surprise storm blow through between 5:00 and 5:30 yesterday afternoon. Our power went out at exactly 5:32 and did not come back on until 4:45 this morning. Thus I’m scrambling a little this morning, and have to be at school for […]

End of the Sports Year

We wrapped up the spring kid sports season last night with the City track finals. C had a very good night. She first ran in the final of the 400. Looking at the preliminary times I figured her best chance for a high placement was in the 200. She was fighting a cold and coughing/sneezing […]


Yesterday was the fourth time one of our girls played in a kickball City Championship game. For the fourth time, we played our worst game of the year and walked away losers. L’s team got waxed pretty good, 20–4, and it really wasn’t that close. The team they played was solid at the plate and […]