Friday Vid

Just a video this week. “Stay With Me” – Hatchie. I still hate the move for new music to drop on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. It seems like I can never get through all the new albums I want to listen to on Friday, the weekend keeps me from spending much time with new albums, […]

Don’t Stop the Music

Here is a pretty fascinating article that has gotten a lot of attention over the past week or so. Jody Rosen writes about the massive fire in 2008 that wiped out a storage facility that housed thousands and thousands of original sound recordings. News just broke overnight that a huge swath of big artists not […]

New Toy

Not sure what I did, but somehow I messed up the site and new posts are not showing up. This was supposed to hit yesterday. Apologies, because it is big news! Well, I guess it is time to spill the big news of 2019: we put in a pool. It’s a real nice above-ground model […]

A Change Is Gonna Come

It has been an unsettled time for Catholic schools in Indianapolis. Unfortunately rather than watching other schools deal with a church leadership that is hopelessly out of touch with the times, it is now affecting our family directly. Cathedral High School announced Sunday that after two years of working with the Archdiocese to resolve a […]

Friday Playlist

Happy Summer Solstice!  “Cuddly Toy” – Roachford. I know I’ve written about this song at least a couple times over the past 16 years. How I bought the cassette single right before I graduated from high school 30 – THIRTY!!! – years ago and listened to it non-stop that week. And how when I got […]

We Are Living In A Society!

I’m not usually big on complaining about what the younger generation is doing. As times change so do behaviors and accepted norms. I think everyone needs to be flexible and realize what was fine when we were 20 may have totally changed by the time we’re 40, 60, etc. But I heard this story on […]

Summer So Far

Here we are on June 19 and I can already say it’s been the strangest summer in some time. Mostly because it really doesn’t feel like summer yet. The big issue has been the weather. It was a moderately wet spring to begin with, then Mother Nature lost her damn mind in the middle of […]

Reader’s Notebook, 6/18/19

A few books notes for you. Northland: A 4000-Mile Journey Along America’s Forgotten Border – Porter Fox Fox travels the border between the United States and Canada from east to west, beginning on the coast of Maine and ending on the beaches of Washington. Along the way he hitches rides with fishermen in Maine and […]

US Open with A Dash of NBA Finals Notes

I think I firmly established my old man status by watching approximately 800 hours of golf this weekend. Now, it was the US Open, which is always big. Before we had a lake home and spent most of our June weekends there, I was still watching the Open for hours on Father’s Day weekend. And […]

Friday Playlist

Back at it after a week off. “Call Me Snowflake” – Middle Kids. MK’s new EP came out a couple weeks back. I don’t know why I was surprised, but it is really, really good. I guess I figured since they had released a couple solid singles from it in advance, there wouldn’t be much […]