Title Games: How I Got Here

Conference championship weekend. That doesn’t get me fired up the way it used to. Although I came back to the NFL a little this season, I would still label myself as a casual fan at best. A far cry from when I was a kid and I was super into everything about the NFL. I […]

Friday Playlist

The music finally hit this week. There has been a steady flow of new tracks all week. There are at least five new albums out today that I am interested in (Sharon Van Etten, Deerhunter, Maggie Rogers, The Twilight Sad, and Steve Gunn) along with a couple others I’d like to get to. We’ll start […]

Reader’s Notebook, 1/16/19

A new reading year comes with a bit of a change. I still have my Carmel library card, which should be good for several more years.[1] Just before Christmas L and I finally went over to the Indianapolis public library branch that is about a mile away to get cards there. Our local library is […]

Snow and Sports

A busy and fun weekend around our house. Saturday C and I headed out at 7:00 am for her first preseason volleyball tournament. At that point in the day we had about 2” of snow. The roads were not great, but not terrible either. It helped that no one was out on them, other than […]

NFL Predictions

I should probably lock in some kind of prediction for tomorrow’s game between the Colts and Chiefs. I’ve watched zero minutes of the Chiefs this year, so I only know what I’ve read about them. But that’s been plenty. They spent much of the season being the most talked about and exciting team in the […]

Friday Playlist

“Seventeen” – Sharon Van Etten. Still no new albums worth getting excited about. But next week is the first big push of new disks, including Sharon Van Etten’s newest. Of the early singles she’s released from it, this is my favorite. I love it’s rough edges and long, slow build. “Sunday Driver” – The Raconteurs. […]

Reserve Readings

I guess I spoke too soon. One more quick piece of clean-up from 2018. Here are three excellent articles I read in the last month that I think are worth sharing. First, a pretty amazing story about a crazy-ass endurance race, and the woman who competes with men to win the damn thing. Ultrarunner Courtney […]

Reader’s Notebook, 1/8/19

The kids are back at school, so time for one more piece of 2018 wrap up. I finished my reading year with two more excellent books, one of which was a big a change-of-pace for me. The Flight Attendant – Chris Bohjalian I put several books that I saw on Best of 18 lists on […]

Weekend Notes

It is the last day of Christmas vacation in our house. It might hit 50 for the third-straight day, but no one seems real interested in getting outside and doing something. Probably has something to do with me telling everyone their rooms need to be cleaned up before anything else gets done today, and no […]

Friday Playlist

Is it Friday already? Time for the first playlist of the year, then! “Blue” – Thyla. This is kind of a perfect January song. Lyrically, it is dark and depressing, the singer complaining constantly about being “blue, blue, blue, blue, bluuuuuueeee.” Yet the music is driving and powerful as if it is pushing her through […]