Thursday Playlist

At first it didn’t hit me why Chris Cornell’s name was one of the headlines in this morning’s New York Times Morning Briefing email. “Why is he listed, did he say something about Trump?” was my first thought. I just did not expect his name to be listed because the news was just breaking that […]

C = 11

It’s a birthday day for us today. C is now 11. I don’t go back and re-read what I’ve written in previous years about each girl on their birthday, because I think they haven’t changed much. Or at least the two older ones have largely been the same kid for several years now. So I […]

More Kid Sports and Weekend Notes

A pretty busy few days, anchored by kid sports. So we’ll start with those and add in the other fun things that were a part of our weekend. First off, C’s kickball season came to an end Thursday night. You may recall her team was in a three-way tie for first place going into the […]

Friday Photo

Circle Tower Fujifilm X-T2 55mm at f/5.6, 1/1500 sec, ISO 200 Last week I took a walk downtown. I got some pictures of the Indiana War Memorial, the setup for the Indianapolis 500 Fest, and tried to get some cool reflective shots in glass buildings that didn’t quite turn out. But this is my favorite. […]

Friday Playlist

“The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” – The National. The first single off the next National album is a shot out of the dark. So many of their songs are slow, brooding, builders. Here they get right to the point. Which confuses me. I’m used to it taking a long time to get into […]

Good Old Days

I came across this piece on Twitter and really enjoyed it. Gone The Way Of The Zambezi Zinger The Zambezi Zinger was awesome. It didn’t have huge drops, didn’t loop, didn’t go insanely fast. But all those turns and the consistent speed through the ride were tons of fun. I kind of forgot that you […]

Spring Sports Pt. 1: Kickball

Part one of the spring kid sports roundup will focus on the kickball girls. First up is C, who is playing in her third season, and on a team mixed with 3rd and 4th graders. They’ve had a really good season, sitting 5–1 and tied for first with a game to play. They won their […]

Return Your Carts

I made a quick trip to Menard’s yesterday morning. I was inside for maybe 10 minutes, and in that time the car I parked nose-to-nose to did not move. However, while I was inside, someone did decided to jam a shopping cart between my vehicle and the one opposite mine. They didn’t do any damage […]

Friday Playlist

A couple kind of heavy songs in this week’s list along with a healthy dose of Ryan Adams.   “Headless Pin Up Girl” – Chemtrails. Written just as lead singer Mia Lust was coming out as Transgendered, this is all about the meaning of identity. “Burn Blue” – Flasher. Hazy but not quite shoegazey. “I’m […]

Reader’s Notebook, 5/4/17

A Gentleman in Moscow – Amor Towles As I point often, I amuse myself with my To Read list. I’ll read a blurb about a book somewhere, or see it on a Best Of list, or get a recommendation from a friend, and just throw it on my list and then forget why the book […]