This ‘n’ That

M had a great time at camp. We picked her up Friday afternoon and, just like last year, she shared every detail of her week for the next 90 minutes as we drove home. Well, this year was a little different since C had been at camp two weeks before and would occasionally interrupt to […]


July 2017 Waxahatchee – 65 The War on Drugs – 45 ratboy – 38 Allison Crutchfield – 30 Manchester Orchestra – 22 Complete stats available at my page

Friday Playlist

“Dog” – Widowspeak. I swear I already shared this but don’t see it in past posts. Just in case, it’s good enough to share twice. Moody, gorgeous dream pop. “Covered Wagon” – Lo Tom. Heavy summertime music. “Motion Sickness” – Phoebe Bridgers. Ryan Adams has called her the next Dylan. He’s not totally unbiased; Bridgers […]

Friday Links

Going back to the Friday Links method for one week, as I have three baseball-related links to share and bundling them seemed like a good idea. First, Will Leitch has been one of the national writers who most appreciated the Royals’ recent run of success. Perhaps that’s because, although he is a lifelong Cardinals fan, […]

Catch Up

It’s been a busy few days. Going back to last week, our friends the R’s visited from KC for a long lake weekend. They met us down there Friday afternoon and stayed through lunchtime Sunday. As a lot of you know, the R’s have two boys and they’ve not spent a ton of time with […]

A Whole New Ballgame: 13

Well, here we are: the teenage years. Holy shit! Thirteen years ago this morning M came into the world, full of drama from the start. It’s a cliche to say something like “and that day, my life changed forever.” But, really, what else can you say? Marriage is a big change in your life. But […]

Friday Playlist

“Little Guitars (Intro)”“Little Guitars”“Best of Both Worlds” – Van HalenEvery summer, around this time, I spend an afternoon listening to Van Halen’s Diver Down and 5150 albums. Those two albums, representing the DLR and Hagar sides of classic VH, have always screamed summer to me. I didn’t get Diver Down until the summer of ’84, […]

Reader’s Notebook, 7/19/17

Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic – Jason Turbow I teased this one awhile back when I mentioned I was roaring through an awesome book. I started it on a Monday afternoon and wrapped it up before lunch on Wednesday. It was that good! Turbow looks at one of the iconic dynasties in baseball: the Swingin’ Oakland A’s […]

R’s: Uh Oh

I was worried this would happen. The Royals were the second-hottest team in baseball in the six weeks leading up to the All-Star Break. They were playing really good baseball and were in the heart of both the Wild Card race and the AL Central. Suddenly not only were the Royals keeping all their free […]

Pinching the Weekend

What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend got a little weird. All thanks to sleeping strangely, or something simple and dumb like that. A few times a year I get a pinched nerve in my neck. It’s usually the result of sleeping on my stomach too much. Which is a problem because I prefer […]