More Super Bowl – JT

Well shit. I totally forgot about the halftime show in my Super Bowl roundup. You would be correct if you thought that had something to do with my reaction to it. Justin Timberlake’s performance was visually appealing, but otherwise safe, confusing, disappointing, and forgettable. I had heard the “controversy” coming about the rumored use of […]

Pretty, Pretty, Pretttttttty Super

So, yeah, I watched the Super Bowl. I’m a goddamn American, right? Despite my lack of interest in the NFL these days, I wasn’t going to miss the biggest game of the year. Also, if I’m only going to casually watch pro football I kind of have to watch the Super Bowl, as it has […]

Friday Playlist

It’s been a decent start to the new music year in terms of singles. But there has yet to be a great album that has captured my attention. And, sadly, the list of February releases is looking pretty meager as well. I’ll hope the solid singles keep rolling out until we finally get some long […]

Old Man

I have passed another milestone of the aging process: last week I picked up my new pair of glasses, my first with progressive lenses. If there was any uphill left in life it is now certainly in the rearview mirror. My eyes are still adjusting, which is kind of always the case with me. I […]


January 2018 The War on Drugs – 93 First Aid Kit – 47 Salad Boys – 41 Strand of Oaks – 33 Jesse Marchant – 32 Complete stats available at my page

I Should Have Thought of This

Stereogum writer Tom Breihan has started a series where he is writing about every song to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Obviously if I owned an alley, this would be right up it. Now he’s still very early in the series, so not all the songs are terribly relevant or interesting to […]

Kid Sports

Our first weekend with sports on both days for awhile. Saturday M had her first volleyball game of the year. They lost in two games, and neither was very close. The other team had one good server who ripped off 6–7 straight points early in each game and that was pretty much it. They were […]

Friday Playlist

“Fireworks” – First Aid Kit. I’m been working on this band for awhile, trying to figure out if I like them and if their music fits what I usually enjoy. Some of their songs veer a little too hard into the country music sphere. Which seems a little odd for a sister duo from Sweden. […]

KU Hoops: Hacked and Bricked

I was going to being this post with a line something like “An incredibly important week for KU began with a disappointing – and avoidable – loss.” But then I realized pretty much every week is incredibly important in the Big 12 this season. A week ago KU went through K-State at home (fortunate to […]

Going Mobile

Time for a link to a Joe Posnanski piece about life. This one hit me kind of hard because, although I’m a few years behind him in the dad business, I’m getting close to the stage he writes about. I’m already terrified of our girls learning to drive. I wonder how the hell my mom […]