School Days

I really want to crank out a kid sports update. But this is our busiest week of the spring – two games tonight, track meet tomorrow, two games Thursday, game Friday, track meet Sunday – and it seems like I should wait until we get through it before I start breaking things down for you. […]

Reaching for the Stars, Vol. 25

Chart Week: April 20, 1985 Song: “We Are the World” – USA for Africa Chart Position: #1, 5th week on the chart. Spent four weeks at #1. Ah, the 1980s celebrity/cause single. It seems like there were tons of these but a check of Wikipedia shows there really weren’t that many original songs written for […]

Friday Playlist

A very Good Friday and Happy Easter weekend to you all. “Everybody Here Hates You” – Courtney Barnett. This song is a grower. I was just thrilled CB had put out a couple songs for Record Store Day. But as I’ve listened to this more and more, it has gotten into my head and I […]

Reader’s Notebook, 4/17/19

Through a combination of laziness last week and being super busy this week I haven’t caught you up on what I’ve been reading over the past month. Black Leopard Red Wolf – Marlon James This book arrived with massive hype. James’ last novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings captured nearly every major book award […]


Holy shit! What else can you say to Tiger Woods winning the Master’s in 2019, 11 years after his last major victory and 14 years since his last win in Augusta? It was a pretty insane weekend down at Augusta National. First, a big shout out to Mother Nature. Usually if I’m discussing her I’m […]

Friday Playlist

A bit of a busy week here for a variety of reasons, which has put me in the strange position of not having a big queue of new music to share. So some classics for you this week. “Float On” – Modest Mouse. This song has jumped up a lot recently on Sirius for some […]

Spring Break Biggie

It’s a Nephew Duty day so getting this out a little later than I planned. OK, now for the trip itself. First off, I must say, I can not recommend enough traveling on off-days during spring break. I believe we saved a little on the airfare by doing a Thur-Thur trip. More importantly, the airports […]

The Final

I’ll hold off on my big spring break summary to share some thoughts on the end of the college basketball season. I don’t know if it is me getting older, the media getting stupider, or a combination of both, but I have a harder time following sports media without getting pissed off these days. For […]

Spring Break 2019, Part 1: Prologue

As expected, my Cancún summary is rather long. So I shall divide it into a couple posts for you. Part one goes back to the pre-trip drama I mentioned before we left. Two Sundays ago we were deep into the trip prep process. Packing, printing itineraries, making our 30th Target run, etc. As a part […]