Most of you are regular readers of ESPN’s Bill Simmons. If you’re not, you should be. Among all the regular great stuff in this week’s column, point 13a below made me fall out of my chair. It’s good to see other ’03 newlyweds are going through some of the same cohabitation issues we’re going through.

I owe you a pick. I really, really want to pick the Colts. It seems too obvious. OK, maybe they can’t play perfect offensively three straight weeks. But if Peyton only completes 50% of his passes, they still have a great chance to win. They turned the sloppy field at Arrowhead into a track; no reason they won’t be able to do the same on the frozen surface in New England, right? Here’s why I can’t pick them: 1) The defense was only marginally better than the Chiefs’ last week. Give KC two more possessions in the game, they win. It’s a defense built for the artificial turf. I see them getting pushed around, missing tackles, and being totally confused Sunday. 2) The Patriots mystique. Brady, Belichick, Boston. I think that trumps the Colts hot streak. Peyton, Marvin, and Edge are great again, but their defense lets them down. Bonus difference maker note: I’ve never lived in a city when its team was in the Super Bowl. The two football seasons we were in San Francisco, the 49ers lost to the Giants and Vikings in the playoffs. The Chiefs were 0-fer. Why should the Colts be any different?
Patriots 30 Colts 28 But if the Colts win, I’ll tell you on Monday I’m not surprised.

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