I like gifts. I received two outstanding gifts over the past week. Last Friday, the mailman delivered a package from the delightful Mandi R. of Denver, CO. I wondered, “What have I done to deserve this?” Once the wrapping paper was removed, it was clear what I had done to deserve it: I knocked up my wife. You might think Mandi purchased some cute little animal gear, since she’s down with animal rights. Or, you might have wondered, did she purchase my daughter her first political piece of clothing, since Mandi and I have similar political views? No on both counts; Mandi did much better than that. In the package was a tiny black t-shirt, with the cover of the first Clash album screened onto it. That’s right, my daughter will be the proud owner of a Clash shirt the moment she exits the womb! I can’t wait for the day when our girl is old enough to wear her shirt. We’ll sit in her rocker together and sing “Bankrobber.” “My daddy was a bank robber/But he never hurt nobody/He just loved to live that way/And he loved to steal your money.” Perfect for teaching your young ones about the ways of the world! Outstanding job, Miss R.!
Second, over March and April, I covered for a coworker while she was away on her maternity leave. It was really pretty easy, as the ten or so clients I covered for were quiet almost the entire time she was away. When she returned two weeks ago, she asked for my address, so I figured she send me a thank you card. Monday, the FedEx man rang the doorbell and left a package from the Kansas Sampler store. Inside, a bottle of Gates barbecue sauce, a bottle of Bryant’s barbecue sauce, and a bottle of Hayward’s barbecue sauce, along with a bottle of Gates dry rub. Two outstanding ladies have graced me with the most excellent of gifts.
Two quick notes. 1) This isn’t a contest, so no need to send in competing gifts just to get props on the blog. 2) Our daughter is going to have more clothes than she knows what to do with, so this shouldn’t serve as notice to flood us with additional clothes. The grandparents are going to have that covered.