1) People who don’t pull forward at red lights. I got stuck in traffic one night last week when I had to go out during the evening rush hour. A trip that normally takes five minutes took over 20 thanks to the normal traffic and added traffic from a nearby mall. At one stop light, I was three cars back and didn’t move during an entire green cycle because the traffic perpendicular to us didn’t move. What annoyed me most, though, were the people in front of me who would leave an entire car length between them and the car in front of them. When I got to my left turn lane, the 2-3 cars in front of me were doing all they could to squeeze together so those of us wanting to get left could slide into that lane. Once I got by them, though, I counted four different cars who left a minimum of six feet between their front bumper and the back bumper of the car preceding them. I’m not saying you have to rear-end people, but at least utilize all the free space so people behind you can get around. Idiots.

2) All the people at the Colts game last night who brought signs counting down the number of TD passes Peyton Manning had thrown so far this season. There were roughly 55,000 people at the Dome last night. I think pretty much 100% of them knew how close Manning was to catching Dan Marino on the all-time list, and even though this is Indiana, I think most people could keep track of how many TD passes he threw over the course of the game. Did all these people who brought countdown signs to the game really think they were providing some kind of community service to help people around them who might have lost track? Maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe this was how people tried to make themselves more a part of the event. As if being there wasn’t enough, they’ll now how a sign the rest of their life that allows them to take some measure of ownership of Manning’s record. Regardless, I don’t get it. In general I don’t think you should hold up signs at professional sporting events if you’re over the age of 12. You’re generally not as clever as you think you are, you’re ripping off someone else’s idea (like all the people with the D and fence signs), or you’re just trying to draw attention to yourself. Then again, perhaps I should just be happy my fellow Hoosier state residents weren’t tossing beers at Ray Lewis all night.