Goodbye: Formula. M. had her final two ounces of Similac yesterday. We’ve been giving her 50/50 bottles of formula and milk since we returned from KC. The last can of formula is gone and she’s on the cow full-time now. She doesn’t seem to have noticed the switch at all. As an added bonus, we’re only using a bottle before bed now. She gets a sippy cup the rest of the day.

Hello: New teeth. I sat M. down and had a talk with her before we left for KC, asking that there be no teething until we returned home. She was nice enough to wait until the night we got home to start cutting at least two new chompers. Two came in yesterday, for a total of eight so far, and there appear to be two more that are close to coming through. All this means she’s been extra cranky, waking up in the night again, and even more clingy anytime she can see her mom. She can be hanging out with me, perfectly content, and as soon as S. walks in the room she starts screaming and reaching for her. Does wonders for dad’s ego.

Oh, and we’ve determined the cause of our plumbing problems. I’ll spare you the details, but a fix involves digging up a portion of our yard, a portion of our neighbors yard, destroying some of our neighbors shrubbery, and cutting power to everyone in our cul-de-sac for much of the day Monday. Seems a certain transformer was placed on top of a certain sewer line, and over 13 years, said sewer line has slowly been crushed. Fun stuff. The estimate would be a nice down payment on a minivan.