Many others have written about this connection, but I for one think it’s very cool that I’m part of the generation that produced Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods. Lance avoided the curse of my recurring dream (Which, by the way, entailed him losing control on a mountain descent and going over a guardrail. I had this dream at least ten times over the past year.) and retired at the top of his game, with no questions about his ability left to be answered. Good for him. Hopefully he’s true to his word and stays away. I’ll miss following him each July, but he has bigger things to do in life. I hope he avoids his temptation to slip into politics that so many people seem to be talking about. He’s close with both President Bush and Senator Kerry. Reading his books, he alternately sounds very liberal and rather conservative, depending on what he’s talking about. Some might call him the perfect candidate to bridge the famous red-blue split that is plaguing this country right now. I say, don’t let your ego force you into a position where you’re destined to make 40% of the population dislike you. You can do things equally or more important as in politicians continuing your efforts with your foundation and other similar activities. And all without alienating portions of your fan base.

Tiger, or Toigah as the Aussies call him, has reasserted himself as the best golfer in the world this year. He may have the typical golfer vanilla personality and refuse to take interesting stands on any issue, but his golf is sublime. I don’t understand those who say it’s boring when he’s winning. He plays at a level no one has ever played at, and I love watching him.

As if the Nike commercial that used Lance Armstrong’s press conference in which he announced his cancer diagnosis wasn’t powerful enough, it was masterful to show it immediately after he finished his final ride. The picture of his scared head on the back of this week’s Sports Illustrated is equally amazing.
I’ll also miss people randomly talking to me about the Tour or asking how Lance did that day and having a moment of pause before I realize I’m wearing my <a href=””>Livestrong</a> band and that’s what prompted the discussion.
Worth noting that another phenomenal athlete of our generation, Alex Rodriguez, does not fit into the group with Lance and Tiger. Why? Well, you don’t sign a quarter billion dollar contract then demand a trade because you don’t like losing. What was it Jason Varitek said to him last summer before they threw down…?
So why don’t they use bullpen carts to bring in relief pitchers anymore? I miss those chintzy little golf carts designed to look like a giant baseball cap they used in the 70s.
Regarding Rafael Palmeiro and his Hall of Fame credentials, I don’t understand why we have to decide whether people are HoFers before their careers are complete. Wasn’t Doc Gooden a can’t miss HoFer back in 1984-6? Raffy has always been one of my favorite players and he’s put up phenomenal stats. I’d say he’s borderline HoF now. Great player, but an all-time great? Not so sure about that. But what if he plays another five years, hits another 150 home runs and gets another 750 hits? Without knowing how his career ends, all the shouters and ranters on ESPN need to shut up and save their verdicts for when his career profile is complete.
Ron Artest survived the NBA summer league without any incidents. The Pacers signed European stud <a href=””>Sarunas Jasikevicius</a> over the weekend. If they stay healthy, look out. They’re going to be very, very good.

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