Some kids on campus called me “Sir” last week. I thought my short hair made me look younger, too.

Since I had M.┬áto myself Friday and Sunday, I ended up watching more of the President’s Cup than I cared to. I came to the conclusion that there’s nothing in sports sillier than fans at these “international” golf tournaments. Actually, I should clarify that it is generally the American fans at these events who are silly. The European fans tend to take these events for what they are: exhibitions in which golfers who play together every weekend are divvied up into teams and asked to play in a team format for three days. We Americans, God bless us, take the President’s and Ryder Cups way too seriously. Things nearly got out of hand Friday after a lengthy weather delay, or as fans like to call it, mid-day happy hour. Those fools were amped up. Sports nationalism has it’s place. But come on, all these guys play together on a weekly basis, most of them live in the same handful of neighborhoods in Florida, many of them went to college together, regardless of their nation of birth. Compelling golf at times. Lots of fans who need to get a grip, though.

Tiger Woods was doing his 1980s baseball All-Star game imitation. He had some crazy dye-job going on in his hair and a goatee. Kind of like Frank White and others busting out the white spikes for the mid-summer classic back-in-the-day.

Why is Good Will Hunting always on? Don’t get me wrong, great movie and tons of fun to imitate their accents, but does it need to be on every night? Shouldn’t the rights owners be trying to see/rent DVDs instead of giving it away for free 28 times a month?

Bravo to the Colts and Browns, who played a regulation NFL game in two hours and 40 minutes Sunday. National League pace!

Byron Leftwich is becoming the new Steve McNair. He’s not happy unless he’s limping, bleeding, and barely conscious. Dude doesn’t start playing until his ribs get bruised.

Thumbs down to ESPN Sports Reporter “personality” Michael Kay, who Sunday morning mentioned that the New England-Pittsburgh game was vital because the Patriots can’t make it to the Super Bowl without having home field advantage in the playoffs. None of his fellow panelists, Mike Lupica, Jason Whitlock, and John Saunders, called him on the fact the Pats have won two of their three AFC title games on the road. Idiots.

Kudos to CBS for their ad campaign for The Amazing Race. I’ve heard from many people it’s actually a tolerable show, but shouting that it has won the Emmy for Best Reality Show 15 times during every NFL game isn’t exactly the highest of praise. Kind of like King of the Dorks, to use a Farmer Ted term.

AMC showed that American movie classic Fletch Sunday night. I always find it amusing that anytime I see Tim Matheson, I think of him in the role of Alan Stanwyk. Most people just a couple years older than me probably think of him as Otter from Animal House first.