I was drafting a post about how it was a tough night for my many St. Louis friends when I got a strange feeling. The Colts had just extended their lead over the Rams to 11 points. I closed the draft, set the PowerBook aside, and flipped the picture-in-picture so I could focus on Albert Pujols, who was batting for the Cardinals. Down two runs, two outs, two on, top of the ninth. BOOM. I’m sure my Cards fan friends were doing their own voodoo, but I think the fact I gave the game my full attention had something to do with Albert’s massive blast that won the game and forced a sixth game in the NLCS.

Thank you, Albert, for keeping the Cardinals alive and insuring that I get to watch at least one more night of baseball this week.

Sorry, Rams fans. I care not about your team’s fortunes.