We put our tree up Saturday, a very good looking Fraser Fur. The best part was M’s┬áreaction. She had been staring out the window at the lit tree in our neighbors’ yard for a week saying, “Tree! Tree!” so I knew she’d be excited about a tree of her own. Before we put the lights on, we laid them on the floor, plugged them in, and checked for burnt out bulbs. She shrieked and ran up and down the line, clapping for them. After I had checked the entire length, I pulled the plug so we could start winding them around the tree. She got a confused look on her face and started frantically touching her finger tips together, the sign for more. We put three strands of lights on the tree, and each time she asked for more lights. Very cute. We tried to put any breakable ornaments too high for her to reach. She has gone after the low-hanging ones several times already, but since it’s been so cold (13 as I type this) we spent most of our waking hours this weekend in the basement. I’m sure we’ll really have to watch her once the presents start appearing underneath.