We’ve taken all we can take and we can’t take anymore. Wednesday we started to wean M. off of her binky. The binky is now reserved for her crib and for car trips. As soon as she gets up in the morning or from a nap, we drop it into the crib, say bye-bye, give it a wave, and walk away. We’ve had some success since she loves to wave and say bye-bye. This technique worked briefly in the fall, before she started working on her molars and we cracked. You may also recall from my update on her earlier this week that she likes to call for it when she can’t find it, “Binky….Binky.” We’ve been hearing a lot of that the last two days. But no tantrums because we won’t give it to her. Tantrums for other things, yes, but not for that yet. We plan on doing this for awhile, then cutting all the binkies so they’re not nearly as satisfying. I know some parents have success with that method, and others do not. But we’ve got to get through this first stage before we even think about that.
We got her a little toy shopping cart over the weekend, so the new toy has helped distract her some. Unfortunately, she’s exhibiting a very anal, easily frustrated side with the new toy. We pulled some boxes of various foods from our pantry and placed them in her cart so she’s got her own groceries to push around the house. She zips around, takes them out, then attempts to put them back in. When she can’t get all the boxes back into the cart exactly how they were before, she throws a huge fit. Great, as soon as she realizes I don’t put all of her clean laundry away the same way each week, I’m really going to hear it.