I watched almost no Olympic coverage this weekend and I didn’t pull my thoughts on Quin Snyder’s resignation into a reasonable scope. Hope to work on those a little Monday night, when I’ve got a basketball game to watch.

The weekend was passed putting some serious time into my readings for the coming week, thinking about my two papers (I’ve got them outlined mentally, but nothing on paper yet), and the rest of the time we listened to M. scream and yell. Apparently her trip with her mother to the mall Sunday afternoon was “the worst trip ever,” including a total meltdown, kicking and screaming while lying prone on the ground, and a refusal to put her coat on. Boy am I glad I stayed home! As a bonus, the clerk helping S. with her purchase for some friends who had kid #3 this weekend couldn’t master the art of printing a gift receipt. She had to run the transaction through three times to get it right, taking ten minutes for what should have taken one. All the while, M. was rapidly advancing from DEFCON three to one. The toddler perfect storm: teething, a serious cold, and the mind of a two-year-old. This weekend seemed curiously like a trip to visit my NoCal homies back when they had a sick nearly-two-year-old. Good times!