I have to say, C. has done quite well in her transition to sleeping all-night. We’ve only been up with her once in the past two weeks (JINX for tonight, right there!). M. is waking up more for some reason, but at least with her you just go cover her up again, make sure she has whatever toy or animal she’s crying for, and then she’s out again. With all this sleep I’ve been getting, though, has come a very strange group of dreams. Some nights, they’re just bizarre. Weird stuff that makes no sense. Other nights they’re sick and twisted. Like crazy violent stuff. Most nights, or mornings rather, they seem to go on forever. So despite getting to sleep all night and until 8:00 or so, I wake up dazed and disoriented, as if I had still been up three times over the night. Sunday night/Monday morning’s dream was especially odd, and I happen to remember much of it. So below, as best as I can remember it, is how it went down.

I was back in my old stomping grounds of Lawrence, KS. KU was playing Oklahoma State in basketball, but I couldn’t join my OSU friend Billy at the game because I had class. When I tried to get in after class, I ran into President Ford. We stood around talking outside the school newspaper office. Suddenly, smoke started pouring from under the door to the j-school. We freaked out and decided it was some kind of plot against the former President. So he threw me his car keys and told me to go get his car and get him out of there before whoever was after him found him. I sprinted across the parking lot, to where his car was parked in the far, deserted corner. It was an old, beaten-up, 1970s Chrysler station-wagon. As I ran to it and tried to find the right key, I noticed people sitting in cars parked near President Ford’s all staring at me. These were the people who were after him! I flew into the car, started it up, and gunned the engine. I shot past the two cars that had been waiting just before they could pull in front of me. As I headed towards the President, I saw more activity. The Secret Service, not knowing that I was trying to save the president, were springing into action, attempting to cut me off before I could reach him. I floored it and hoped I could reach him before they blocked my path. I made it to him, he hopped in, and we took off.

And that’s all I remember, although when S. brought C. into our room around 6:30 and again when I went to cover M. up at 7:20, when I tried to go back to sleep, I kept falling back into the same dream.

Amateur dream analysts, have at it!