First off, happy belated Cinco de Mayo to you all. I hope you enjoyed a bag of Doritos or perhaps had some Cinnamon Twists to celebrate the occasion.

Oh, and happy birthday to the <a href=”″>iMac</a>, which was announced ten years ago today.

Well, the big day is finally here. Indiana, for the first time in 20 years, gets a real say in who our next president may be. While it appears Indiana is about as muddled as the rest of the country is and neither Barack or Hillary will end the day with a commanding victory in this state, it has been an interesting six weeks or so as the candidates have showered our fair state with attention and ad dollars. I don’t watch much regular TV, but when I do, there’s not much else other than ads for those two, for the Democratic US House primary in Marion County, the Democratic primary in the Governor’s race, and then a few for the Republican primary here in Hamilton County in which Dan “Two Handicap” Burton is being challenged. And the radio is ridiculous. Anytime I leave the house, I’m guaranteed to hear at least five political commercials. This must be what it feels like to live in Iowa.

And then there’s the phone. I’m getting at least five calls a day between my cell phone and the house phone. I assume they’re all political in nature, either campaigns or pollsters, but since I don’t answer and they rarely leave messages, I can’t be sure. Barack has left me a couple messages, or at least people speaking on his behalf have. The guy running against Burton left me a message, too. I’m waiting to get texts and IMs from them as well. Maybe they’ll get that element together for the general election.

The final indication that this is a crazy year in Indiana came Sunday when someone actually came to my house from the Obama campaign to see if I was A) voting today and B) voting for Barack. I’m surprised the police weren’t called out. Democrats roaming the streets in Hamilton County?!?!

After I talked to him, M. asked who he was. I explained that he was talking to me about voting. “What’s voting?” I said it is how we pick the president, mayor, and stuff like that, which I knew was a horrible answer for a three-year-old. Her response was a long pause, then “What?” I rephrased saying the people who make the rules. Not sure if that helped or not.

Anyway, it ends today. My polling place just happens to be at our church/M.’s preschool, so when I pick her up this afternoon, we’ll walk over to the main building and she’ll help me vote for the change America needs. Afterwards, we’ll go put on some Italian loafers, get a latte, and maybe test drive a Prius.

The pre-election polls are all over the place, but I would expect Hillary to win Indiana by a narrow margin. I mean, she’s going to end the gas tax! But, amazingly, my vote for a Democratic candidate in Hamilton County Indiana might make a difference this year.