Day: May 7, 2008

It’s Not A Mario

Three lines. That’s what the sonogram showed today. For those of you who have never been lucky enough to sit in on a sonogram, those three lines indicate you’re growing a little girl. I believe we’ve officially debunked the Chinese Birth Calendar and proven that S. and I are only able to produce girls. As I said last week, what was important to me wasn’t the gender of the kid but that it and S. were progressing normally. The sonogram confirmed all of that, as well. So it was a good visit to the hospital.

The little girl was not terribly cooperative. Most of the time she was rolled into a ball, with her feet and her head in roughly the same location. She put her hands over her face at times. At others, she pressed her face into various Mom body parts as if she was trying to get away from us.

As I said in an e-mail some of you received, now comes the hard part. The wardrobe is taken care of. We understand how to take care of girl babies. But I’m wondering how the hell I’m going to come up with another name for a girl. It was hard enough with the first two. Maybe we’ll be like those parents who don’t name their kids and let them name themselves when they’re old enough (Isn’t that how Picabo Street got her name?).

Even though it’s a girl, she still might get a Mario Chalmers jersey.

Election Day Wrap Up

Please note a more important post will be coming later today. Remember, we’re making a trip to the doctor this morning.

I did not stay up late enough to catch all the drama last night, but I followed some of it. Ironically I was thinking, before results began coming in, that there aren’t any surprises in politics anymore since 800 different polling groups are constantly surveying voters before each election. But last night was a surprise, and perhaps the effective end of the Democratic nomination race. Putting my political science degree to work, and stealing from other people on the ‘nets, I’ll say we’ve got two more weeks of going through the motions and this thing is put to bed after a big Obama win in Oregon on the 20th.

Even though Barack wasn’t able to pull off the win here in Indiana, I feel like my vote mattered. For the record, he did win Hamilton County. I thought the Rush Limbaugh factor might be especially important here. Have I mentioned that my podiatrist plays Rush loud enough for everyone through his entire office to hear? I always wonder how people, even those who agree with his politics, listen to Rush. What’s fun about listening to someone yell that much?

M. actually voted for me. I made all the selections and she pushed the big red button to register the votes. And she got a sticker.

As I stepped into the booth, I realized I had made a critical error. I had not spent enough time examining the two Democratic candidates in the governor race. I frantically tried to remember if either of them had any important endorsements or had made any especially interesting policy statements. I came up blank. So I ended up voting for the candidate who lost by 5000 votes. I guess now I can figure out if I like the woman who won or not.

Speaking of that race, the incumbent Guv wasted no time. I saw a commercial for him at 6:30 this morning. So much for a respite. Sigh.

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