Our house has been taken over by small creatures I can only assume are aliens. Nearly every room has at least one piece of paper with these strange little being drawn on them. Surely this is some kind of message that there are E.T.’s living in our backyard, right? Either that or anytime you give M. a crayon or pen and a piece of paper, she draws these cute little guys and tells us what people she wants to send them to. Her artistic skills really are getting better.

She told me today that she misses her school friends. I’m kind of wishing she was going back before Labor Day instead of after. And not because I want to get rid of her three days a week. Or at least not totally because of that.

Home girl turns four on Friday. Talk about time flying.

My favorite C. saying of the moment is when we’re reading books or singing songs before bedtime, I’ll ask her what she wants to hear next, she looks to the sky, as if pondering deeply, and says, “How ‘bouuuuuuuuut….” really stretching it out so it seems like she’s really putting a lot of effort into deciding if “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “You Are My Sunshine” is next. The best part is the little grin on her face, showing that she knows she’s being funny.

The other day C. walked into my office, sat on her chair in the corner, crossed her arms and said, “I willy angwy, dad.” I have no idea what brought that on.