Going back to the first album I purchased with my own money for a moment, I’ll admit thinking about Def Leppard’s <em>Pyromania</em> made me a little nostalgic. So I fired up the iTunes Music Store. No <em>Pyromania</em> available there. Jump over to the Amazon MP3 Store. Not there either. So one of the biggest selling albums of the 80s – one of the top 100 selling albums of all-time for that matter – still isn’t available on either of the two biggest, legal, online music stores.

Dumb. I was prepared to drop at last $3 to pick up my three favorite songs off the album

In a mildly related story, I took our Volkswagen in for some maintenance last week. As the guy was writing it up, he noted that the radio was blasting The Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane.”

“Nothing like listening to some German rock while you work on a German car,” he said.

I said it was weird, because that was the second time that week I had heard that song.

He struck a lead guitarist pose, working both sets of fingers on an air guitar as if he was Eddie Van Halen. “It’s on one of those Guitar Hero games,” he said as he continued to work the imaginary fret board. “I think it’s had a little resurgence in popularity because of that.”

Interesting news but I appreciated his air guitar example.