L.’s poop has started to smell. Other than that, things are dandy here. We’re still sleeping ok at night. I’m pushing to force her to eat five ounces at a time, in hopes she gets up to 10 ponds quicker and perhaps starts sleeping all night. The fact she’s been throwing everything up about once a day from just three ounces makes it unlikely my plan will be adopted.

It’s really annoying that even with the sun not coming up until around 8:00 here, M. and C. are always opening their door right around 7:00. S. and I could really use that extra hour of sleep since L. always crashes out after the 5-6 AM bottle.

I have a new way to torment the big sisters. I’ve changed the names in the Dora song to reflect the B. girls’ names. So, it’s “L., L., L. the explorer, C. is super cool explore with L…..M. no swiping, M. no swiping!” C. thinks it’s silly but M. literally starts screaming at me to stop. “THOSE AREN’T THE WORDS, DAD!” She just needs to understand I can torment her as much as she can torment me.

Although L. is very laid back, it’s hard to get a routine going around here. All three girls kind of move around on their own orbits, with different times to eat, nap, play, etc. It seems like we get L. taken care of and then M. & C. need the attention. Or when we get them to bed, then L. is going to have a belly ache and need to be held for an hour. We’ll get there.