I hope all y’alls had wonderful Thanksgiving weekends. Ours was good, if busy. I worked Wednesday night, we went to the in-law’s for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner, and then S. went back to work Thursday night. The night was ok. The older sisters were beat from their busy day, so did well at bedtime. L. did pretty well, also, although she decided she couldn’t sleep more than 2.5 hours at a time. I think I got about four hours of sleep during the night, then another hour or so in the morning on the couch. The big sisters completely destroyed the house in the hour L. and I were snoozing in the living room. S. was fried when she got home, I was fried, the girls were wound up, and the results were predictable. Not one of our finest parenting days ever.

We did rally enough to get out and buy a Christmas tree Friday. Since S. was working the day shift both weekend days and the weather was supposed to turn nasty after the weekend, we figured that was the day to do it. About all we got done after that, though, was getting the tree inside and in the stand. We were too tired and the girls were too crazy for us to think about getting it trimmed and the other decorations out.

The two weekend days went pretty well. S. had fairly easy days and was home midday both times. We did try to bite off more than we could chew Saturday, though. I got the girls out of the house for about half an hour, taking them to the bookstore so they could play. When I got home I found one sister-in-law here to help take some pictures of the girls. Another sister-in-law was heading over for a visit with the girls. There was a tree to be trimmed. We were having our mini-Thanksgiving dinner that night. Oh, and there was a football game that I had some interest in.* Things got hectic for a few hours, and dinner took about an hour longer to make than I had planned, but everything turned out ok. Dinner was tasty, we got some good pics of the girls, had a good visit with the out-of-town s-i-l, the tree looks good**, and we won the freaking game.***

More about that game later.
** We always go the real tree route. Am I the only one who obsesses about whether it is straight or not? I’m not sure it’s possible to have a perfectly vertical tree, but I check it about once an hour to make sure it isn’t leaning one more degree than it was an hour earlier.

** A lot more about that game later.

When the girls woke up Sunday morning, there was a thin layer of snow on the ground. I saw a whole new level of wound up as M. and C. pressed their noses against the window and watched the fat flakes come down. C. is super excited to get out and make snow angels. Since S. was heading to work and I didn’t think L. needed to spend time outside, we put those off for another day (perhaps Monday from the sounds of the forecast).

All-in-all, a good if busy weekend. And for my long time readers, yes, I was able to pop in my DVD of the Cheers Thanksgiving Orphans episode on Thursday night and enjoy my annual viewing of my favorite Thanksgiving treat.

I hope you all had safe and happy holidays, too.

Now, it’s time to break out the Christmas music and movies and get into the spirit of the season.