I may get another link or two posted before we officially depart, but this is your friendly reminder that Mrs. B.¬†and I will soon be departing for a few days south of the border. We’re heading to Cabo San Lucas, where some friends and quite a few beers are waiting for us. It’s going to be a fairly quick trip; we get in mid-afternoon on Thursday and will fly home Sunday. I’m sure that’s enough time to get a sunburn I will regret and probably a hangover or two. Hopefully that’s all I bring back from Mexico. The first time I traveled there, I brought back some kind of intestinal souvenir that made life uncomfortable for about two months. And hopefully our old pal H1N1 will stay under control a few more weeks.

Watch this space for a complete recap of our adventures next week. Some of our friends who are already down there have been known to do crazy things when under the influence, so I may have a story or two.

Hasta pronto.