<em>Note: I had to hang on to this for a couple days after the Royals ripped off three straight wins. Fortunately, between losing in Detroit last night, trading for Ryan Freel, and keeping Tony Pena, Jr. on the roster, things are quickly getting back to normal.</em>

Not much to say about the floundering Royals. Their cold streak turned into a cold month, into two cold months, and now they’re officially right back where they’ve been for most of the decade. Depressing. They’ve gone Back To The Future on us, seemingly disappearing before our eyes between injuries, bizarre managerial moves, epically bad play in the field and at the plate, and a few off-the-field controversies.

But, you know what? Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.

I checked the Royals’ June results, because it seemed like a really, really bad month. Sure, they won at a nifty .385 clip. But they also won ten games. I was, frankly, surprised they managed to sneak into double digits.

See, they’re still capable of some pleasant surprises!