Some good stories never go away.

A few of you may recall that two years ago, there was a boy in C.’s preschool class that she constantly insisted had hit her. She talked about it every day. “DJ hit me.”1 The way she made it sound, DJ beat her up every Monday. We never heard a thing about it from the teachers, so we figured it was probably a benign, one-time event.

C. and DJ were in different classes last year, but the mere mention of his name brought back those memories for her. “Remember that one time when DJ used to hit me?” This year, they are classmates again and after some rough moments early in the year, C. and DJ seem to have become friends.

Last week C. told me that DJ wasn’t in class on Monday. Then again on Wednesday. And still on Friday. When I picked her up this Monday, she had news for me.

“Mrs. W said the DJ is at another school now.”

No reasons were given, and I’m not going to speculate, but her old nemesis seems to be gone.

Last night at dinner, C. was telling M. about DJ’s departure. M. had this genius theory about why he may have left.

“Maybe he’s going to a school where he won’t get in trouble for punching people,” she said completely seriously.

Solid reasoning. I’ll admit it made me laugh, too.

  1. Name changed to protect the innocent.