It’s been a big few days for C..

Last Monday she lost her first tooth, her upper left incisor. It had reached that crazy, almost sickening level of looseness when S. finally reached over and yanked it out. There was a scream of surprise then much happiness. Even more happiness the next morning when she found the Tooth Fairy’s gift.

The upper right incisor looked to be about ready, too. It hung in a few more days, and when I picked C. up from school on Tuesday, she big an even bigger gap in her smile. This time she yanked it out on her own. Tough girl.

In partial celebration of that and partially because it’s been long enough, we went to the pet store Tuesday and she picked out a new Betta to replace the late Spike. She wanted one that didn’t look like M.’s, so she selected a small, blue female this time. She named the new fish Isabella, which is not a shock. That is C.’s (And L.’s) favorite name, and we’ve had about 1000 Isabellas in the house in recent months. Dolls, drawings, imaginary friends. Isabellas out the ass.

M. had a first last week, too. Her first sleep-over. One of her buddies from school called and invited her over Friday night. Everything went great. I’m sure there will be many, many more of these over the next dozen years or so, and eventually it will be our house that hosts not just one, but several goofy, wound-up girls at once.

L. doesn’t have any great, new accomplishments, but she has been making us laugh with her language. She’s been dropping little phrases she’s picked up from others that sound ridiculous coming out of a three-year-old into her conversations. Examples:

“What the…?” Fortunately she does not complete this one.
“That’s not what I expected at all!”
“I can’t believe it!”

She delivers each of these with much gusto, and always with a smile, as if she knows how funny she sounds.

She also gives me a thumbs-up all the time. The best is when she’s chasing the big sisters around, looks at me, grins wildly and flashes me a thumbs-up as she runs by. Makes me laugh every time.