It’s mid-March, which means I should be sharing some NCAA tournament thoughts, right? This has, of course, not been a normal basketball season for me. So I honestly don’t have a whole lot to say.

I’m pleased KU got a #2 seed. That seems right. I’m pleased they get to start in Omaha, and should they be fortunate enough to win two games, have another reasonable trip to St. Louis the following weekend. A potential second round (Or third round, as the new terminology insists it to be) with Purdue could be fun. I imagine the Omaha police department will be called to break up a ‘discussion’ or two between Kansas and Missouri fans this weekend. Clearly the committee has a sense of humor.

But I opened this year with modest expectations and am, quite honestly, thrilled with how this season has gone regardless of what happens next. There will be no stress or angst from me this year. Unless, of course, we’re playing a 14 seed in the Elite 8 and things start going bad.

It’s Kentucky’s year, anyway. Everyone else is just playing for second.

Good luck in your pools.